NBA Trade Rumors: Could Chicago Bulls Trade For Brandon Knight To Bolster Lineup?

Could the Chicago Bulls do something drastic to change the direction that their team is going in? A couple of NBA trade rumors have the Bulls as players on the trade market. And it is believed that the Bulls are more than willing to make moves. Which deals the Bulls will make remains to be seen, but at least one name has emerged as a potential target.

According to ESPN, the Phoenix Suns are looking to unload point guard Brandon Knight for the right deal. Several signs point to the Chicago Bulls being an interested team.

There was not a full report on ESPN regarding Brandon Knight’s status, just a mention about him being one of the biggest names that could be dealt at the trade deadline. Since Knight’s name surfaced several teams have been mentioned in the NBA trade rumor mill.

The teams that have rumored interest include the Dallas Mavericks, Philadelphia 76ers, and Sacramento Kings. They were among the six teams listed by CBS Sports as possible destinations for Brandon Knight if the Suns trade him.

Brandon Knight and the Chicago Bulls
Having another scorer like Brandon Knight could help,the Chicago Bulls shake off their recent offensive struggles. Knight is reportedly available, and there is a possibility that the Bulls could be interested. [Image by Christian Petersen/Getty Images]

The most surprising team on the list were the Chicago Bulls.

Scoring and overall shooting are among the Bulls’ biggest weaknesses. Of the offseason additions that included Dwyane Wade, Rajon Rondo, among others, neither of them is a shooter. Only Wade is a true scorer.

Being associated with the NBA trade rumors as a team that could use Brandon Knight is a strong indication that there could be some activity soon. If the Phoenix Suns are going to deal Knight, the Chicago Bulls provide a match.

Turmoil is starting to catch up to the Bulls and locker room change could take place.

It was recently reported by ESPN that Bulls’ head coach Fred Hoiberg was on the coaching hot seat. It is more likely that the Bulls would give Hoiberg a longer look while providing him with another scorer.

Most people will want the Bulls to go after Sacramento Kings’ center DeMarcus Cousins, but the Kings are currently in the hunt for the Western Conference’s eighth seed. They will be looking to improve their playoff chances. And trading Cousins does nothing to increase the odds. In fact, the Kings are one of the teams in the running for Brandon Knight. Essentially, the Bulls will be bidding against the Kings if they get involved with the Suns for Knight’s services.

What the Chicago Bulls can offer the Phoenix Suns is some combination of Rajon Rondo’s contract, Bobby Portis, Jerian Grant, and a future draft pick.

Why Rajon Rondo? Fred Hoiberg seems to be moving away from the Rondo experience. He benched the veteran point guard for the entire second half of the matinee game against the Indiana Pacers.

Rajon Rondo not finishing games has become a recurring theme for the Bulls as of late. If he is falling out of favor with the team, it would be better for everyone involved if the Bulls traded him.

The inclusion of Rondo’s contract in a trade for Brandon Knight would help the salaries match up. His contract is only partially guaranteed for next season and there is a buyout that could take place to create cap flexibility. What the Bulls would have to sell is the potential of Bobby Portis and Jerian Grant as players.

When put into the right situations both Portis and Grant can be productive. It is all about the opportunity to contribute for them. Portis had been given some minutes during Nikola Mirotic’s slump and he did well. As for Grant, he is the biggest beneficiary from Rondo’s decline in minutes.

Grant needs to improve his decision-making but he is showing flashes of being a poor man’s Brandon Knight. Throwing in a second round pick as a sweetener could get a deal done.

If the Chicago Bulls were successful in adding Brandon Knight, he would instantly be inserted as the starter or the first player off the bench. Ball movement will still be an issue for the Bulls, but it eliminates the possibility of them playing four on five on the offensive side of the ball.

When Rondo is on the floor, opposing teams back off of him, begging him to shoot. He usually declines, thus putting the Bulls at a disadvantage. His primary backup, Michael Carter-Williams is not a great shooter either, but he has the ability to post-up smaller guards. Knight in a Bulls’ uniform changes that.

Expect the NBA trade rumors to heat up regarding Phoenix Suns’ guard Brandon Knight.

Will the Chicago Bulls continue to be involved in those NBA trade rumors?

[Featured Image by Christian Petersen/Getty Images]