WWE News: Booker T Talks Brock Lesnar And His Failed UFC Drug Test

Before Brock Lesnar returned to the UFC and beat Mark Hunt at UFC 200, he was very vocal in his dismissal of anyone who used performance enhancing drugs. Back in July, MMA Fighter reported that Lesnar said that Jon Jones was “unprofessional” for failing his drug test for UFC 200. After his fight, the UFC revealed that Brock Lesnar failed two different drug tests.

It seems that Brock Lesnar seemed holier than thou when he made his comments about Jon Jones. If anything, his quotes at the time revealed what he wanted the public to believe he felt about performance enhancing drugs and not what he really believed.

“It’s unfortunate for DC, I guess. I feel a little bad for DC. Guys go hard, they go through training camps and put lots of time in and that’s where DC really gets the short end of the stick. It’s really unprofessional of anybody of this caliber when something like that happens.”

WWE News: Booker T Talks Brock Lesnar And His Failed UFC Drug Test
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Brock Lesnar failed his drug tests for the exact same event that Jon Jones failed him for. Jones’ failures came before the event and he was pulled. Lesnar’s failed results were not released until after the event, so he was allowed to fight anyway.

Sports Illustrated reported that Brock Lesnar tested positive for the anti-estrogenic agent Hydroxy-clomiphene when he tested out-of-competition on June 28. Brock Lesnar then failed for the same drug the day of the fight.

The Nevada Athletic Commission suspended Brock Lesnar for a year following the failed drug tests. The commission also fined him $250,000 and the UFC stripped him of his win over Mark Hunt.

WWE News: Booker T Talks Brock Lesnar And His Failed UFC Drug Test
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Wrestling Inc reported that WWE Hall of Fame superstar Booker T shared his thoughts on the Brock Lesnar situation. According to Booker T, the idea of someone cheating to win and not going out and fighting fair and square is wrong and Brock Lesnar should be punished for the infraction.

Booker T said that he felt that the Brock Lesnar suspension was nothing more than a slap on the wrist.

“$250,000, a year suspension, and what else? And they took the win away from [the] Mark Hunt [fight]. Okay. This is the way I look at it, right here. Brock Lesnar made $2.5 million minus $250,000, that’s $2.25 [million], and a vacation for a year. He probably wasn’t coming back [to UFC] for a year anyway. Do you know what I mean?”

Booker T said that it was a punishment that he would take in a second. He mocked the UFC decision and said that he would take whatever was left of the pay and happily ride off with it.

However, Booker T felt that a portion of the Brock Lesnar payday should have gone to Mark Hunt, saying that maybe $500,000 going to Hunt would square things up a little bit. Booker T then pointed out that Brock Lesnar made $2.25 million after the suspension and that can’t rub the other fighters the right way.


Booker T said that there are plenty of fighters in that locker room who are pretty upset because they have fought for years and never got a payday like that. For Brock Lesnar to get that money, while cheating, can’t seem fair to them. However, Booker T also said that Brock Lesnar deserved the payday.

“They can be upset all they want. Brock Lesnar’s a draw. People talk about when The Rock comes back for WrestleMania, all the young guys in the locker room are going to be upset. And I always say, ‘when you guys in the locker room can start selling out WrestleMania, then you can start talking. Until then, keep your mouth shut! You’re going to get a check at the end of the day!'”

Brock Lesnar returned to the WWE and fought at SummerSlam after his failed drug tests were revealed. Three months later, the WWE booked Brock Lesnar to lose in less than two minutes to Goldberg at Survivor Series, his first loss in years.

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