Is The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Release Still Happening In 2017?

There have been conflicting reports on when the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 release will be happening, and now whether it will be happening at all.

Samsung has been having numerous difficulties over the past year as their release of the Galaxy Note 7 was fraught with difficulties and the company were forced to recall their smartphones due to reports that they could overheat and possibly explode. The Note 7 was so popular that it broke all South Korean pre-order records, which in turn caused stock shortage around the world.

Once the issue arose with defective batteries, Samsung took a financial hit. However, Samsung has planned to bounce back in 2017 with their Note 8 release, although reports on when the Galaxy Note 8 will be released seem to differ.

Returned Samsung Galaxy Note 7 smartphones in Seoul, South Korea on October 13, 2016.
Returned Samsung Galaxy Note 7 smartphones in Seoul, South Korea on October 13, 2016. Fans of the smartphone are eagerly anticipating the release of the Galaxy Note 8 release. [Image by Lee Jin-man/AP Images]

Mobile & Apps have reported that while Samsung would normally release their newest smartphones at the Mobile World Congress, there have been rumors that Samsung will actually have their Note 8 release during a standalone event in April in New York. The reason for the delay of the Galaxy Note 8 is thought to be due to the fact that the South Korean company would like to avoid similar issues that they had with their Note 7.

In an effort to regain the trust of customers, Samsung has developed an artificial intelligence feature, like Apple’s Siri, that is reported to be in its new smartphones. However, this artificial intelligence feature, named Bixby, is thought to be superior to Siri as not only will it integrate with smartphones, but it will also integrate with household appliances. It is also said to have the capability to create its own task-handling programs

With so many people eagerly anticipating the Galaxy Note 8 release, there is further confusion as Yibada are now saying that there are rumors that the Note 8 now won’t be released. The rumored reason stated for this is because of the discontinuation of the Note 7, Samsung may not want to release a new Note in 2017.

It is also rumored that Samsung is worried that sales of a Note 8 will be low on its release and that there may be a need for Samsung to “reshuffle” their products and especially their Notes, in order to remove the negative opinion of their company that they worry could affect other products of theirs.

There are further rumors that Samsung will want to create a whole new line of different products to replace their Galaxy Notes, with two varieties of the Galaxy X8 in 2017 which will also be released in a Plus size.

With these latest rumors, there are fears as to what will happen with the Galaxy Note 8 release, but the majority of news outlets are saying that the Note 8 is still set for a release in 2017. Ecumenical News remains optimistic about the Note 8 and believes sales will be strong, with many fans looking forward to its release and there is much speculation as to its new features.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 release in Seoul, South Korea on August 11, 2016.
Samsung Galaxy Note 7 release in Seoul, South Korea on August 11, 2016. [Image by Ahn Young-joon/AP Images]

Of the rumors of Note 8 features, it is the dual-screen display that tops the list and the fact that it may be foldable. There is also another rumor that the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 may be enlisting the help of LG to manufacture its batteries. This is thought to be a good thing as not only will Samsung accumulate external knowledge on the improvement of power, but they will have less cause to fear exploding batteries.

Other Note 8 rumors include expanded storage, two cameras, and virtual reality calls. Of course, nobody is quite certain just what the new Note 8 will be like despite all of the reports online. This is perhaps why so many people are excited to see the Galaxy Note 8 upon its release.

[Featured Image by David Becker/Getty Images]