Charlie Sheen Begs God To Take Trump Next On Twitter, Stands By His E-Prayer As People Freak Out

It’s been a record year for celebrity deaths, and as the clock on 2016 winds down, Charlie Sheen is apparently wishing for God to add one more name to the list: President-elect Donald Trump. In fact, Charlie is so hopeful that Trump will be the next celeb to meet his maker that he took to Twitter to send out an e-prayer to the Almighty, begging his divine intervention to usher Trump to the hereafter.

In his to-the-point tweet, which was sent out in response to the tragic deaths of mother-daughter Debbie Reynolds and Carrie Fisher, 51-year-old Charlie Sheen addressed God directly and made his hopes for a Trump-free future known. Not surprisingly, even with the controversy surrounding the president-elect, the world was largely none-too-happy that Charlie publicly wished for his death. As Fox News reports, the Charlie Sheen Trump death tweet garnered an immediate response on both social and mainstream media.

Twitter users immediately took Sheen to task for his tasteless Trump tweet, which was pinned to the top of the star’s Twitter page for quite a while. Charlie was called a “useless cockroach,” a “scumbag,” and much worse in response to his controversy-inspiring death wish tweet.

Of course, not everybody thought Sheen was out of line. Some even thought that Charlie should have gone a little bit further with his objectionable e-prayer and included Vice President-elect Pence in the attempted bargain with God.

Initially, Charlie Sheen stayed silent amid the public outrage over his Trump death wish e-prayer. When he finally did address the anger his tweet stoked, Charlie did so with another tweet, and he wasn’t apologizing to anyone for what he wrote.

As Us Weekly reports, Trump himself hasn’t addressed the Charlie Sheen death tweet, despite Twitter being one of the president-elect’s favorite communication mediums. However, former Trump rival Ted Cruz did, taking Sheen to task for his strange application of biblical principle in appealing to God to end the life of Donald Trump.

In a tweet that references a specific verse (for kings and all those in authority, that we may live peaceful and quiet lives in all godliness and holiness) called out Charlie for his controversial Trump tweet.

In true Charlie Sheen fashion, the former Two and a Half Men star refused to be admonished by Ted Cruz. Rather, he invited the failed 2016 Republican presidential candidate to jump on the Sheen train for his next White House run. In a tweet that was (once again) a dig at President-elect Trump, Charlie Sheen offered to join forces with Cruz to unseat Trump in 2020.

Of course, Charlie’s name was listed first on the hypothetical ticket. Cruz politely declined to ally himself with Charlie Sheen politically with a nod to Charlie’s famously presidential dad, Martin Sheen.

While the Twitter interaction between Charlie Sheen and Ted Cruz may have demonstrated that President-elect Trump has made the social media platform the future of political discourse, the unlikely duo didn’t really address the issue of Sheen’s Trump death wish with any seriousness.

Rather than calm the raging internet anger incited by the Sheen e-prayer, the conversation just seemed to make more folks even angrier, adding a political dimension to the drama that the original tweet was lacking.

With just hours left of 2016 in the United States, it seems unlikely that Sheen’s e-prayer is going to be answered by God, at least not in time to put Trump on this year’s long list of the lost. But it will be remembered by the internet forever. What do you think? Did Charlie Sheen cross a line by wishing for the death of President-elect Trump, or is all fair in love, war, and Twitter?

[Featured Image by Vianney Le Caer/Invision/AP Photo]