Suri Cruise Makes Rare Social Media Appearance, Thanked By Katie Holmes

Suri Cruise has made a rare appearance on her mother Katie Holmes’s Instagram account, according to Vanity Fair.

Holmes has been incredibly protective of her daughter in the ten years since she was born, and has very rarely posted any photos of her. However, that all changed on December 18, which marked Holmes’s 38th birthday. The actress marked the occasion by posting two photos on her Instagram account, both of which actually showed her now 10-year-old daughter Suri Cruise’s face.

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Suri Cruise, the only daughter of Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise, has become a huge motivational force for her mother. Katie Holmes, who’s making her directorial debut with All We Had, credits Suri with her success because her daughter encouraged her to explore her potential. According to Indie Wire, Suri’s mother spoke about how her daughter has helped her evolve professionally.

“She [Suri] gets a special thanks for everything, [for] every job I do, because she makes every day great and awesome and better. I know myself better because of her, so she’ll always get a special thanks.”

All We Had is based on a novel by Annie Weatherwax: the plot revolves around the struggles of a young woman and her teenage daughter when hard times befall them. Katie Holmes, who also features in the movie, can connect with the theme of the movie as the story focuses on mother-daughter bonding. Although she never faced a financial crisis, Holmes has become Suri’s best friend and emotional support since Holmes divorced actor Tom Cruise.

Some argue that Holmes divorced Tom Cruise because she was worried that their daughter Suri would eventually disown her if she didn’t continue to follow Scientology. Holmes’s fear stemmed from the fact that Nicole Kidman, Cruise’s former wife, was disowned by her daughter Bella after she ceased to follow the controversial religion. Hollywood Life reported that Holmes won custody of Suri Cruise after she divorced Tom Cruise in 2012, and since that time, Suri has spent most of her time with her mother.

Even though Tom Cruise rarely sees Suri due to professional commitments and his dedication to Scientology, the Top Gun actor is rumored to have demanded custody of Suri when media reports raised speculation that Katie Holmes was romantically involved with actor Jamie Foxx.

Suri Cruise, who bears a close resemblance to her mother, is often seen enjoying downtime time with her mother, attending college basketball games, or on shopping sprees. Both Suri and her mother are huge Broadway musical fans and earlier this year were spotted in the audience of the musical Cats. In fact, Suri is so enthusiastic about musicals that she actually went backstage to meet the artists of Cats. Katie Holmes believes that the closeness she and Suri share helped her in directing All We Had.

It appears that Tom Cruise isn’t totally neglecting his daughter, because the Mission Impossible actor reportedly recently spent a vacation with his daughter to make up for time spent away from her. Perez Hilton reported that Tom Cruise took Suri to England with him for a five-day holiday.

Tom Cruise had been filming Jack Reacher: Never Go Back in England when he planned to spend a few days with Suri. Fortunately, Suri’s vacation coincided with Tom Cruise’s 54th birthday in July. According to Hollywood Life, the holiday was strictly kept under wraps as Suri Cruise’s celebrity father did not want any unnecessary media attention.

“He didn’t want word to get out, so everything was treated very discreetly.”

If the rumors of the short father/daughter vacation are true, it suggests that Suri Cruise is still a part of her father’s life: even if she only sees him in secret every few years.

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