Kim Dotcom Replaces Megaupload, Announces ‘Mega’ File Sharing Service

Kim Dotcom watched as his Megaupload service was shut down, his servers were seized through US warrants, and his livelihood, at least for a short period of time, was taken away. As it turns out, the US government shutting down Megaupload may have been the catalyst that was needed to create an even better type of file sharing and video streaming service.

Known simply as “Mega,” the new service promises to deliver on-the-fly in-browser encryption, public and private servers for faster downloads, FBI take down protection, and cross account folder sharing for easy collaboration.

By encrypting and decrypting files within the user’s browser, Megaupload will be able to allow users to send data transparently while only allowing the files to open for users with the decryption key. The new setup will also feature high-speed parallel batch uploading and downloading with resume capabilities.

By seeking out centralized storage nodes for its new data centers, “Mega” will also be able to deliver faster downloads by placing servers closer to each user’s location. In the past, Megaupload had paid for high-end servers at premium tiered providers, a move that could slow down file transfers for remote users.

The new “Mega” is set to launch in January, and, on the website,, the company is asking hosting providers to make offers regarding the use of their data centers for “Mega” file sharing. Mega is seeking unmetered file sharing which should provide Mega fast uploads and downloads for broadband users.

Kim Dotcom is working on several file sharing programs in unison. It will be interesting to see how the US government reacts to this newest project which appears to be setting itself up to avoid full US shutdowns.