Dallas Cowboys Fan Gets Ultimate Revenge After Being Dumped Via Text

One Dallas Cowboys fan has gotten the ultimate revenge after her ex-fiance dumped her via text message.

Per the Huffington Post, 30-year-old Brenna Clanton claims her ex-fiance missed out on an epic Christmas gift from her. Clanton had purchased two tickets to see the Dallas Cowboys’ home game against the Detroit Lions the day after Christmas with her future husband.

Detroit Lions v Dallas Cowboys
Detroit Lions vs Dallas Cowboys [Image by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images]

Things, however, took a sad turn for Brenna when her fiance – who had asked her to marry her four months ago – broke up with her via text shortly before Christmas.

Not letting the text message break-up get her down, Brenna Clanton decided to take a friend with her to the Dallas Cowboys game again. This Dallas Cowboys fan, however, didn’t stop there. Per the Huffington Post, this Dallas Cowboys fan brought a hilarious sign to hold up during the game to tell people what had happened to her.

“My fiance dumped me in a text message. He should have waited until after Christmas. #nothingincommon”

This Dallas Cowboys fan got ultimate revenge by pointing out the fact that her ex-fiance would be at the game with her if he hadn’t broken up with her via text message before Christmas. You can see a tweet containing a picture of the sign this Dallas Cowboys fan used to get her ultimate revenge following getting dumped via text message below.

While most won’t find it too surprising, it didn’t take long for the internet to start to respond to the ultimate revenge she got. The internet (and especially other Dallas Cowboys fans) really seemed to love the “win some, lose some” attitude she seemed to have about being dumped via text message. As most agreed, she certainly was making the best of what happened to her.

When the Dallas Cowboys fan was packing up the belongings of her ex-fiance, she left a friendly “oh by the way” note on top of the box. In the note, she informed her ex that he would be missing out on sitting in unbelievably close seats in section C114 the day after Christmas. This Dallas Cowboys fan had never been to the AT&T Stadium and had splurged on the tickets because she thought it would be an incredible present for her fiance, Sports Day reports.

It was a week after the Dallas Cowboys fan had purchased the tickets to the game – in October – that she received notice that she was being dumped via text message. Clanton claims he dumped her via text message because they “had nothing in common.” His reason for dumping her is what inspired the hashtag at the bottom of the sign she used to get her ultimate revenge during the game that was intended to be a very special Christmas present for him.

Sports Day reveals that thanks to being a cheerleader in high school, this Dallas Cowboy fan knew how to create a sign that would attract attention to ensure her ultimate revenge. She maximized the attention the sign would get by purchasing a feathered boa from Hobby Lobby to use as a border around the sign.

“I decided to have some fun with it, this was my little get-back to him. I thought this might show up on the jumbotron or TV broadcast and I knew (my ex) would be watching the game.”

While the goal of this ultimate revenge was for her ex to spot the sign on the television, she had never expected to attract so much attention from social media and media outlets.

There were a few individuals who didn’t agree with the ultimate revenge this Dallas Cowboys fan got against her ex for dumping her via text message. In fact, some people even claimed he may have made the right choice in dumping her.

Brenna Clanton claims she isn’t bothered by the negative comments and thought the overall experience of going to the game was incredible. Clanton had been a sports fan her entire life and she had never had an opportunity to sit so close to the game before.

football fan gets revenge
Football fan gets revenge on ex. [Image by PhonlamaiPhoto/ThinkStock]

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