Hatchimals Replacements Shipped Out, As Toys Are Back In Stock At Toys ‘R’ Us

Hatchimals have been in the news quite a bit lately, and with the mega-popular toys recently returning to an in-stock status on the Toys “R” Us website, then going back out of stock on the same day — Friday, December 30 — Spin Master has found their Facebook page fielding plenty of questions online.

As reported by the Inquisitr, the Hatchimals maker has faced threats of lawsuits and plenty of complaints in the wake of some Hatchimals toys not hatching as quickly as some consumers expected — and reports of disappointed and crying children on Christmas Day were a result. Reading through and perusing some of the comments from consumers on the Hatchimals website proves that Spin Master is responding to plenty of those concerns from folks who’ve reached out to report issues with their children’s toy.

The Hatchimals maker admitted that most children had a wonderful experience with their toy — but that they’ve also received feedback from those who have experienced challenges with their Hatchimals — ones that the maker reports being 100 percent committed to facing.

With more than 800 comments on a recent Facebook post from the Hatchimals maker, Spin Master’s customer service department definitely has their hands full with answering those concerns from consumers. Many customers have complained about direct messages going unanswered — while others are thanking the Hatchimals maker for their quick responses and for sending out replacement toys when their originally purchased Hatchimal didn’t hatch as planned. For the most part, the Hatchimals maker has thanked their customers for reaching out, and for their patience as they deal with the unexpected surge in popularity of the Hatchimals product.

Certain comments from customers represent a way for consumers to vent about non-working products. GraceMarie Beth Lynch described purchasing two Hatchimals after searching plenty of stores near her for two weeks. One of those Hatchimals did not hatch — it only reached the hatching state and buzzed but wouldn’t do anything else. Other consumers reported similar findings, while some Hatchimals consumers took matters into their own hands to find a solution. Facebook user Rebecca Leanne Perry reported twisting her Hatchimals toy back and forth quickly in order to provide a makeshift fix.

“Ours did that so I twisted the egg left and right really fast and that seemed to do the trick.”

Facebook user Meg Davis Edwards agreed that using force to twist the Hatchimals back and forth helped alleviate their issues with their toy as well.

“Twisting ours (with force) fixed the same issue for us. I had tried before, but was too gentle.”

Some customers were fortunate enough to report that they had already received a replacement Hatchimals toy to make up for the one that didn’t work — and in short order, like Facebook user Marissa Selner.

“Received our replacement today with a 6-day turnaround. Thank you for the quick and efficient response!”

The comments section is rife with people either complaining to the company or thanking the company for solving their issues. While some call it the worst customer service experience ever — others are praising the Hatchimals customer service team for going above and beyond to work on Christmas Day and afterward to solve unexpected issues.

As noted by Spin Master in their comment to Facebook user Ted F Zagleski, only a small percent of their Hatchimals had issues.

“It is a very small percentage of Hatchimals that truly had issues — we have had way over one million successful Hatches in less than 3 months. That said, when consumers are disappointed with our products or our customer service, this isn’t acceptable to us.”

[Featured Image by Gunnar Rathbun/AP Images]