Tara Reid Shares Grief Over Father’s Death: ‘He Was My Heart, My Soul, And My Entire World’

Actress Tara Reid, widely known for her comedic roles in the American Pie series and Syfy’s Sharknado films, is feeling more somber than usual, as she faces the passing of her father, Thomas Reid. Upon learning of Thomas’ passing, Tara shared the news and her grief-stricken feelings with her social media followers with an honest and detailed posting that described Reid’s relationship with her father. Along with the written comments, the Sharknado actress shared an image of herself hugging Thomas Reid in a personal moment, proving that the father/daughter bond is something truly special and unequaled.

American Pie Actress Tara Reid Mourns The Passing Of Her Father, Thomas Reid

Tara Reid has a busy schedule to be sure, as she continues playing April Wexler in the Sharknado series and finishes working on her own project, Worthless, but, as Fox News reported, Tara’s career will have to take a backseat for the time being, as she faces the loss of her father. Reid shared that Thomas had passed away suddenly and that she has been devastated by the loss.


In her Instagram posting, Tara suggests she was away from her family when she received news that Thomas Reid had passed away. The revelation and tribute expresses the great love shared between Tara and Thomas Reid.

“He was a man full of life, love, wisdom, and strength,” Ms. Reid shared in the picture’s caption. “He was not only fun and in good spirits, but he was also one of the best story tellers I’ve ever heard.”

From there, Tara expressed more about her relationship with the elder Reid and her grief at learning of the loss.

“My dad was so supportive, kind, strong, and my hero. He was my heart, my soul, and my entire world,” Ms. Reid added in the same caption. “I love you and will miss you so much daddy!”

Making his home in Wyckoff, New Jersey, Thomas Reid worked as a school teacher and also operated a daycare center. Aside from actress Tara Reid, Thomas is survived by his wife, Donna, 68, and five additional children, Kathy, James, Tommy, Tara, Patrick, and Colleen. Mr. Reid also is survived by five grandchildren.

Thomas Reid Is Remembered By His Daughters


“We are deeply saddened to say goodbye to the greatest man we knew, our father — a true legend,” Colleen Reid said in a statement to People. “His Irish wisdom and love gave our family big compassionate hearts, welcoming smiles, the ability to laugh, and the courage to take the road less traveled.”

One may think Tara, as an actress, was alone in her appreciation for Thomas’ storytelling gift, but the Sharknado actress’ sister, Colleen, has also remarked on the Reid patriarch’s talent for telling tall tales. Colleen says Mr. Reid was much more than a great storytelling, weaving his fascination for philosophy and his great wisdom into many of his stories.

Tara and Colleen have both remarked that Reid, a devoted family man, will be remembered as much for his devotion to family as for his fascination with telling stories.

“As a loyal man he taught us, that life is a blessing and to enjoy the little things in life for someday you will realize they were the big things,” adds Colleen Reid.

Ms. Reid adds that Thomas had a big and courageous heart, which is something he has passed on to all of his children.

In addition to reprising her role as April Wexler in Sharknado 5…Earth 0, Tara Reid has been working on Worthless, a film that explores the effects bullying can have on victims.

Sharknado 5…Earth 0 will air on Syfy later in 2017.

Worthless, which stars Tara Reid as Talia Medici, is set for a May 10, 2017 theatrical release.

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