Get To Know Rachel Lindsay Of ‘The Bachelor’ 2017 With Nick Viall

Everyone has been waiting to watch Nick Viall try to find love on The Bachelor, and it is almost here. Rachel Lindsay is one girl fans are going to want to watch this season as she tries to see if Nick is the one for her. Rachel is going to get Nick’s first impression rose, and if spoilers are right, she won’t be going home anytime soon. WetPaint shared all about Lindsay so that viewers can get to know her better.

This season Nick will have 30 girls hoping to win his heart, and lawyer Rachel Lindsay is going to win him over. Rachel will be the first African-American woman in history to win the first impression rose. There are pictures of Rachel on a one-on-one date with Nick in New Orleans, so don’t expect her to be going home anytime soon. In the photo, they are getting pretty close.

Rachel Lindsay is from Dallas, and she is 31-years-old. Nick is 36, so she will be one of the few girls this season that is age appropriate for him. She is a Marquette University Law School graduate, but she also got her bachelor’s degree in kinesiology and sports management. Rachel seems like she has her act together, and she does have a career, so she is probably on the show for the right reasons and not just to try and further her career.

If you want to get to know Rachel Lindsay, she still has a Facebook page that is active, but she may not be accepting friend requests. Rachel also has an active Instagram page. She has been sharing about being on The Bachelor this season since her name was revealed. It shows her that she graduated from the University of Texas in Austin. Her Instagram shows that Rachel is a very proud aunt of a little boy she is spending time with now that she is done filming the show. Her baby sister lives in Atlanta, and she seems to be close to her as well.

Radar Online shared that Rachel Lindsay does have one negative thing in her past. Rachel was involved in a crash where she was accused of “negligently failing to control her vehicle, thereby causing a collision between hers and a car driven by the plaintiff.”

There was a lawsuit, and the court documents said, “On June 14, 2013, while traveling south bound on highway US-75, in Dallas County, plaintiff’s vehicle was struck from behind by a vehicle driven by defendant Lindsay. Defendant Lindsay negligently failed to control the speed of or stop her car. Defendant’s negligence caused damage to the car being driven by the plaintiff and to plaintiff’s person.”

Rachel Lindsay actually denied any allegations against her, but the plaintiff sued for “damages for medical care and expenses, physical pain, suffering in the future, physical impairment in the past, loss of earnings in the past, and mental anguish.” They were able to settle, and Rachel’s insurance paid a settlement of $12,500.

Are you hoping that Rachel Lindsay is the girl who wins Nick Viall’s heart on this season of The Bachelor? Do you think that Rachel could be the next girl cast as The Bachelorette if she doesn’t win Nick? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don’t miss The Bachelor 2017 on Monday nights on ABC.

[Featured Image By Phillip Faraone/Getty Images for iHeartMedia]