Charlie Sheen Tweets ‘Trump Next, Please!’ After Rash Of Celebrity Deaths, Does Not Apologize Amid Backlash

Charlie Sheen has been known to make poor choices with words a time or two. In fact, he went on a huge rampage of words back in 2011 when he was fired from Two and a Half Men. His impulses sometimes get the best of him, and the words he speaks or tweets often cause him some backlash. This time though, Sheen is not going to apologize.

It was made perfectly clear that Charlie Sheen is not a fan of Donald Trump. After a week of celebrity deaths, he tweeted something that was incredibly controversial. Carrie Fisher died earlier this week after suffering a heart attack over the weekend and just one day after Fisher passed, her mother, Debbie Reynolds, also died. Following the news, Sheen took to Twitter to ask God to take Trump next. Included in the tweet was an emoji of a middle finger.

According to Us Weekly, Charlie Sheen isn’t backing down despite some backlash received because of the tweet. In fact, he responded last night with a “poem” that clearly told everyone that he didn’t care what they thought and his tweet was addressed to God.

This year has been quiet as far as any outbursts from Charlie Sheen. After his 2011 episode of acting out, things from his mouth just don’t have the same shock value anymore. Sheen was a hot commodity for a while, but in recent years, he has become less and less important in the public eye. The most recent event where he made headlines was when he announced he was HIV positive on the Today Show in an interview with Matt Lauer. It wasn’t as big of a shock as some thought it would be, especially because of his history with drugs and women. The chatter from that has died down and now, Sheen is making headlines for his “death” tweet directed at Donald Trump.

Because Donald Trump is not yet in office, Charlie Sheen likely won’t find himself in any legal trouble for “threatening” his life. Everything about the tweet was inferred, especially since it did not directly say anything about taking action against Trump’s life. It was clear what he meant when he put it out there and many of the responses he got were positive. America is split with the upcoming change in office and Sheen vocalized his distaste with a tweet. Although it was in poor taste, there isn’t much damage control that needs to be done.

One of the more interesting responses to Charlie Sheen and his tweet came from Holland Taylor. She played his mother on Two and a Half Men all the way up until he was fired in 2011. Her response was simply “Charles!!!” which was just enough to get her point across. When mama isn’t happy, no one is happy as the old saying goes. While it is unclear whether or not she was being funny or serious, it is definitely one of the better responses to his wild tweet. Whether or not he offended anyone has no bearing on Sheen as he just calls it like he sees it.

Things are going to get interesting when Donald Trump takes office and you can count on Charlie Sheen to make inappropriate remarks. With all of the ups and downs in recent years, there is still some serious comedic relief in some of his words. He is one of the celebrities people can expect outrageous comments from and not think twice but this time, it was a little bit on the tasteless side. Charlie Sheen is not apologizing for his Donald Trump tweet and most people aren’t mad at him for it.

[Featured Image by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images ]