‘Blindspot’ Season 2 Episode 10 Synopsis, Title, And Promo Released, Patterson’s Fate Revealed [Spoilers]

Blindspot Season 2 is returning next week with Episode 10, and it picks up right where the previous episode left off — the gunshot. The Blindspot Season 2 winter premiere, titled “Nor I, Nigel, Aka Leg is Iron,” may not open with a dead body but two characters will go missing.

In Episode 9, “Why Let Cooler Pasture Deform,” Patterson’s (Ashley Johnson) budding romance with Borden (Ukweli Roach) came to a sudden end when she figured out that her new love interest was Sandstorm’s man inside the FBI. The final scene of the episode saw them pointing their guns at one another, and a gun went off before the credits started to roll. Both Patterson and Borden are expected to survive in Episode 10 of Blindspot Season 2.

After the telecast of Episode 9, creator Martin Gero said that it was safe to say that one of the characters, Borden or Patterson, had been shot but refused to say that one of them was dead, according to Entertainment Weekly. And he told TV Guide that Patterson would be “mono-fixated” on taking revenge and bringing Borden down, confirming that both the characters survived.

Patterson is not dead, but she will go missing in the upcoming episode, the official synopsis of Blindspot Season 2 Episode 10 reveals. She also does not appear in the new episode’s promotional photos.

Patterson is missing…and a newly amnesiac Roman (Luke Mitchell) is on the loose. Jane (Jaimie Alexander) and Weller (Sullivan Stapleton) must race Shepherd (Michelle Hurd) — and the clock — to find them before it’s too late.

It has not been revealed why she goes missing, but the last scene of Episode 9 indicates that Borden might have something to do with it. Meanwhile, Gero told EW that Blindspot Season 2 Episode 14 might drop a hint about Agent Patterson’s full name, adding that they, however, had no plans to spell it out yet.

“Keep an eye on episode 14 — there might be a little something there, but I wouldn’t get your hopes up. There’s at least a wink to the people that want it [Patterson’s full name].”

And as Episode 10 synopsis suggests, there will be not one but two missing people in “Nor I, Nigel, Aka Leg is Iron.” Roman — whose memory was wiped out in Episode 9 after his sister Jane injected him with memory loss drug, ZIP — will also vanish in the upcoming episode.

“Patterson has vanished, as has a newly amnesiac Roman, so the team search for the both, hoping to find them before Shepherd does.”

Jane injected her brother with the memory-loss drug to help him start over and escape Shepherd. However, in the upcoming episode, she will realize that Roman’s help is very much needed to stop Sandstorm, according to TV Line. Co-executive producer Alex Berger said that Roman and Jane’s relationship would be affected if the former got his memory back.

“Going into the winter premiere, Jane and Roman’s relationship hangs by a thread. To have any hope of stopping Sandstorm, Jane will need Roman to recover memories — but if he remembers her injecting him with ZIP, erasing his memory, it will tear them apart.”

The remaining 13 episodes of Blindspot Season 2 are set to answer a lot of the series’ big mythologies such as Jane’s tattoos and Shepherd’s endgame. Also, the second half will reveal why Sandstorm cares so much about Kurt Weller (Sullivan Stapleton). In Episode 9, someone called Weller to tell him that Allison (Trieste Kelly Dunn) had met with an accident, which turned out to be a lie. Gero has said that the call was made to pull Weller out of the dangerous mission, and by doing so, Sandstorm was protecting him.

The next episode will see him going through a difficult time as he realizes that he is being shielded by someone out there. Gero told EW that Weller’s friends, especially Jane, would try to comfort him, adding that he and Jane would get closer in the second half of Blindspot Season 2.

“It’s certainly taking an emotional strain on him already and it will just continue to be very difficult for him. But I think he’ll find comfort in his friends, most notably Jane as they get a lot closer over the back half of the season.”

Watch the latest promo for Blindspot Season 2 Episode 10 here.

Blindspot Season Episode 10, titled “Nor I, Nigel, Aka Leg is Iron,” airs on Wednesday, January 4, 2014.

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