Hatchimal Owners Claim Hatchimals Are Cursing At Them — Parents Are Furious [Videos]

The hottest Christmas toy of 2016 may be a little too hot as Hatchimal owners around the world seem to have more complaints than praises when it comes to their new Hatchimal.

Per Buzzfeed, parents have started to complain that their children’s Hatchimals are cursing at them while they are asleep. In fact, some Hatchimal owners have even gone as far as recording videos of their Hatchimals mumbling what sounds like “F*** me” in their sleep.

It was only a few days ago that the phrase “Hatchimal won’t hatch” started trending on Google and social media. On Christmas Day and especially the day after Christmas, parents and Hatchimal owners took to the internet to complain about their Hatchimal not hatching.

Hatchimals are cursing and parents are mad
Hatchimals are allegedly cursing and parents are furious. [Image by gardener41 | Flickr | Cropped and resized | CC BY-SA 2.0]

Today, the phrase “Hatchimal cursing” has also started to trend as more and more Hatchimal owners capture videos of what sounds like their Hatchimals cursing at them.

Is there a flaw in the design of the hottest Christmas toy of 2016? Are Hatchimals really cursing at their owners? What does the company behind Hatchimals have to say about the latest complaint?

Warning: The videos in this article may be NSFW as they contain clips of what sounds like a Hatchimal cursing.

First, let’s take a look at some of the videos where Hatchimal owners claim their Hatchimals are cursing.

This first video – found below – was uploaded by a Canadian father named Nick Galego. He recorded the video and made the decision to share it on YouTube because he believed it sounded like the Hatchimal was cursing. More specifically, he thinks it sounds like the Hatchimal is saying “F*** me” from inside the egg. You check out the video below and decide if you think that’s what this critter is mumbling from inside the egg.

The Canadian father told CTV Vancouver Island he believed the Hatchimal was saying “F*** me” from inside of the egg. His wife, Sarah Galego, also believes she has heard the Hatchimal cursing while her son has played with it.

The Canadian couple went on to mention the fact that their son hadn’t noticed the cursing and didn’t believe he was old enough to notice it. The couple believes if their son was a little older, they would be more offended by the toy.

The father did not receive very friendly comments on his trending YouTube video as most do not appear to agree with him. Most claim it sounds like the Hatchimal is either yawning before saying the word “me” or the Hatchimal is mumbling “hug me.” The people leaving comments on the video do not believe the Hatchimal is cursing from inside the egg.

Other videos have started to surface of what some believe is a Hatchimal cursing.

There has even been a YouTuber named TruthNeverSleeps who shared a video where he referred to the Hatchimals as “demonic,” “satanic,” and “illuminati” toys. In the video below, the YouTuber mentions Hatchimals being a cheap knock-off to the Furby. This YouTuber does believe the Furby toys were also satanic and demonic.


Do you think Hatchimals could be a demonic toy?

A representative of the company Spin Master, who is responsible for creating Hatchimals, told BuzzFeed News they “can assure consumers that Hatchimals do not curse, nor do they use foul language.”

“Hatchimals communicate by speaking their own unique language, which is made up of random sounds, and by making other noises, including shivering when they’re cold and snoring while they sleep.”

The representative of Spin Master did point out the fact that it would be possible for someone to teach their Hatchimal to curse. There is a “learn to talk” feature and it is possible people who have cursing Hatchimals have simply taught their Hatchimal how to curse.

Furby and little girl
Are Furby and Hatchimal toys demonic? [Image by Matthew Lloyd/Getty Images]

Is it possible Hatchimals are cursing at their owners or do you think it is possible parents are just hearing what they think sounds like cursing? Share your thoughts on whether or not you think Hatchimals are demonic cursing toys or if you think people are just overreacting in the comments section below.

[Featured Image by Gunnar Rathbun/AP Images]