Ryan Reynolds Eyes Deadpool And Wolverine Crossover Film

For around 30 minutes yesterday, X-Men fans were dreaming that Deadpool and Wolverine were going to meet up on screen again after it was speculated that Ryan Reynolds would be appearing as Wade Wilson in Logan in a post-credits cameo.

But these rumors were almost instantly dispelled by those close to the film, with Ryan Reynolds the first to tweet out and dismiss them.

In response to a tweet declaring excitement at the possible hybrid, Reynolds responded with, “Sadly, not true. Prisoner 24601 is on a solo mission.”

Prisoner 24601 is a reference to Hugh Jackman’s role as Jean Valjean in Les Miserables.

Director James Mangold then thanked Ryan Reynolds for immediately nipping this speculation in the bud, taking to Twitter to write, “Gracias, R. From your fan. J.”

Hugh Jackman was quick to get involved in the love in, too, as he took to his own personal Twitter account to add, “What they said…” in response to Mangold and Reynolds’ tweets.

Ryan Reynolds wants a Wolverine and Deadpool crossover
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But while movie fans were left despondent that Reynolds won’t be joining the Australian thespian for the next X-Men film, the Canadian took to Twitter on Thursday to provide plenty more reasons for optimism. That’s because Reynolds revealed that rather than having Deadpool pop up in a Wolverine film for just a minute or two, he wants the two characters to join together for their own crossover film. He also explained why Deadpool just wouldn’t suit Logan.

After @TheRyanParker’s tweeted to Reynolds, “OMFG, dude! Is it happening?” he responded with, “No. I want a Deadpool/Wolvie film. But Logan is its own unique & perfect thing. The Big Red S***-Talker wouldn’t mix with the tone.”

The one problem with Ryan Reynolds’ plan to crossover Wolverine and Deadpool is that Hugh Jackman has already insisted that Logan will be his last outing as the mutant. Of course, Deadpool has already shared the silver screen with Wolverine before, as he originally popped up in X-Men Origins: Wolverine back in 2009. However, that incarnation of Deadpool was roundly criticized for not being close to the source material, something that was corrected back in February when Deadpool was released to critical acclaim because of just how witty, acerbic, and irreverent the character was in the film. It also just so happened to gross $783.1 million at the box office, making it the most successful installment of the X-Men franchise yet.

The speculation over whether Ryan Reynolds would pop up in Logan was started over at the Wrap. The publication’s source had insisted that David Leitch, the new director on Deadpool 2, had got a warm-up gig overseeing a post-credits since with Ryan Reynolds that would appear at the end of Logan.

Hugh Jackman, Ryan Reynolds, and James Mangold dismiss Logan rumors
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However, eagle-eyed fans were quick to note that Ryan Reynolds had actually only originally declared that he wouldn’t be appearing alongside Hugh Jackman in Logan. Of course, if he was just in a post-credits scene that wouldn’t necessarily mean he’d be on screen with Jackman, as Deadpool could just be turning up by himself to tease his upcoming sequel.

Rather than letting Ryan Reynolds dismiss this speculation, James Mangold went on to issue another categorical denial about Deadpool’s involvement in Logan.

He wrote, via the Wrap, “For everyone freaking out, The Wrap is dealing in fake news. Chill. DEADPOOL IS NOT IN MY FILM. Does all caps help confirm it?

James Mangold underlined his point even further with, “Not in movie. Not in credits. Not in main titles. Not in a Box. Not with a Fox. Give it up.”

In response to @Telsion insisting that they’d “wait and see” as they still believed that Reynolds will pop up in Logan, Mangold then added, “You can wait and see. Since I cowrote, directed and I am currently cutting and mixing, I know and already told you.”

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