Joel Embiid Wants Your Vote For The NBA All-Star Team So He Can Impress Rihanna

Joel Embiid wants to date Rihanna really bad. The NBA star thinks he might even have a shot with the pop star if he can just make it to the NBA All-Star team. Embiid tweeted about his celebrity crush in a bid to garner votes for the All-Star team and while he says a lot of funny things, it’s pretty clear that he’s serious.

Embiid started off with a pretty huge crush on Kim Kardashian but after she married Kanye West, he set his sights on Rihanna instead. The Philadelphia 76er followed Rihanna more than two years ago and has tweeted about her a few times. In one of those tweets from August 2014, Joel tweeted,

Apparently, Rihanna did take notice to Joel Embiid’s flirtation on social media. She even ended up following him back on Twitter, getting everyone’s hopes up that RiRi might actually give the seven-footer a chance.

Well, fast forward two years and Joel Embiid never forgot about what his celebrity crush told him or at least what he told us that she told him. Now that Embiid is the star of the 76ers and has a pretty solid chance at getting a spot on the 2017 NBA All-Star team, he wants to remind Rihanna of what she said and he’s also asking for help from his fans so that she might notice him again.

That’s right, Joel Embiid totally just tweeted and asked his fans to vote for him to be a part of the NBA All-Star team so he can be there when they take the court in New Orleans in February. It’s not because he is necessarily dying to be a part of the team but because he really wants a chance to date Rihanna.

“There is my chance to finally be with my CRUSH so i need your help y’all ha….. Joel Embiid ,” Embiid tweeted.

To be fair, Embiid probably does deserve a spot on the 2017 NBA All-Star team, especially if he’s being compared to any of his Philadelphia 76er teammates. The competition is going to be pretty fierce for his position in the Eastern Conference, though. According to Hot New Hip Hop, Embiid is averaging 18.7 points, 7.4 rebounds, and 2.4 blocks per game.


The only Eastern Conference centers that really deserve a spot are Andre Drummond, Hassan Whiteside, and Dwight Howard. Joel Embiid is definitely popular enough to push through with the vote even if some of his contemporaries are getting better numbers than he is. Then again, if Embiid played more than 25 minutes per game, he would have the stats to prove that he deserves a spot.

On top of having a great chance of actually winning a spot on the 2017 NBA All-Star team, Joel Embiid also stands an even better chance at getting named the Rookie of the Year even though he was actually drafted back in 2014.

Because Joel Embiid has been working hard to get Rihanna’s attention and get the “Work” singer to just go out to dinner with him, it seems like it’s time for her to give him a chance. If you agree that Embiid deserves a date with RiRi or if you just want to see him balling on the 2017 NBA All-Star team, be sure to hit up this link and give him a vote. Hopefully. we’ll hear about how Rihanna called him up for that date now that he’s an all-star.

[Featured Image by Christopher Polk/Getty Images and Matt Slocum/AP Images]