Thomas Gibson Before Criminal Minds: #NoHotchNoWatch Honors 30 Years of Movies, TV And More

Kim McLendon

Thomas Gibson fans at the hashtag #NoHotchNoWatch Criminal Minds boycott are ringing in the New Year with a four-day celebration, from December 28 till the New Year's beginnings on January 1. The twitter party will be rocking at #CheersThomasGibson2017 and everyone is invited.

#NoHotchNoWatch is celebrating not only New Year's Eve but also the long and successful career of their hero Thomas Gibson, including his work before Criminal Minds. #NoHotchNoWatch is sharing photos and videos of the Criminal Minds heartthrob and discussing his accomplishments.

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#NoHotchNoWatch is celebrating that part of Thomas Gibson's career as well as his 12 years of passionate acting and directing on Criminal Minds. Thomas was always passionate about his work, and an absolute perfectionist as a performer.

Thomas Gibson was cast as Derek Mason on As The World Turns from 1988–1990. The #NoHotchNoWatch heartthrob was also Sam Fowler on Another World in 1990 according to IMDb.

The Future Criminal Minds star also made two TV mini-series during his soap years. Gibson played William Sprague in Lincoln and Peter Fitzwilliam in The Kennedy's of Massachusetts.

#NoHotchNoWatch is celebrating all of Thomas Gibson's work, including his mini-series work. Thomas had roles in numerous TV miniseries.

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The #NoHotchNoWatch celebration of Thomas Gibson at #CheersThomasGibson2017 would not be complete without mentioning Gibson's lengthy movie career which he managed to find time for, even when he was involved in TV series roles including Dharma and Greg, Chicago Hope and Criminal Minds.

Thomas Gibson established an amazing movie career, starting in 1992, co-starring with Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise in Far and Away. It was a spectacular film debut for the young actor who took on the role of Stephen Chase. Gibson took on a challenging role as the dangerously villainous rival of Tom Cruise's character Joseph Donnelly.

Before Criminal Minds, Thomas Gibson was a very prolific movie and TV actor. Gibson's early movies include Far and Away, Men of War, Sleep with Me, Secrets, Night Visitors, The Inheritance, Next Step, and The Devil's Child, all before 1998.

Thomas Gibson also portrayed Dr. Daniel Nyland in Chicago Hope from 1994 -1998. From their Gibson's movie career took off again, with Thomas portraying Carl in the critically acclaimed box office hit, Eyes Wide Shut.

In 2000 alone Criminal Minds star Thomas Gibson made three movies. Stardom, The Flintstones in Viva Rock Vegas and Psycho Beach Party. Psycho Beach Party was a fun and campy spoof of the whole 1960s beach party genre. Psycho Beach Party is still a cult classic, and readers can check it out in the video above. It features a much younger, and almost perpetually shirtless Thomas Gibson.

#NoHotchNoWatch frequently cites the work ethic that Thomas displayed on Criminal Minds. That kind of passionate determination has always been with him. Just as faithfully devoted to Dharma and Greg as he was Criminal Minds, the veteran actor made 119 episodes of Dharma and Greg from 1997 - 2002. Though Gibson had the leading man role of Greg Montgomery, he also managed to continue his movie career.

Thomas Gibson went on to make Jack The Dog, Manhood, Brush With Fate, Evil Never Dies, Category 6: Day of Destruction, Come Away Home, Berkeley, In From the Night, I'll Believe You, Son of Batman, and Hot In Cleveland.

Most of the Criminal Minds cast were involved in the making of Axis, which will be released in 2017. Thomas acted as the voice of a disembodied character named Thomas in this fun project where he worked with his previous Criminal Minds co-stars.


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#NoHotchNoWatch has a network of many Criminal Minds boycott sites. The #NoHotchNoWatch organization is protesting the firing of Thomas Gibson from Criminal Minds, as well as encouraging the public to appreciate, encourage and support of the veteran actor.

Thomas Gibson's work ethic and self-discipline are apparent in the prolific nature of his work including Criminal Minds, as #NoHotchNoWatch is quick to point out. Thomas has exceptional versatility as well, switching genre from comedy to drama and horror quite easily.

Criminal Minds and Thomas Gibson fans at #NoHotchNoWatch might enjoy checking out some of Gibson's old movies, so there are two above, and much more available on Netflix and DVD.

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