Gorgeous Jasmine Sanders Transforms Into A Cave Girl In The Strangest 'Love' Advent Calendar Day Yet

It's a strange day 29 as actress/ model Jasmine Sanders appears in Love magazine's advent calendar. The gorgeous 25-year-old is a welcomed addition to the calendar, but her performance is being labeled as "weird."

The strange video starts with a plastic dinosaur scoping out the scene. The toy makes its way towards Jasmine as she lies next to a pool in a black bikini and striking red thigh-high boots. The dino then stands on top of her as it attempts to undo her bathing suit top. A bit of smoke fills the screen as the toy turns into a man wearing a dinosaur costume.

The random guy then steals Jasmine's top as she fake screams and covers her chest with her arms. She proceeds to chase him as she shimmies into an animal print jacket. Once again smoke fills the screen and Jasmine is then seen wearing a tan cave woman-inspired body suit as she strikes poses and pulls out a cell phone. The gorgeous girl then starts to snap selfies while giggling and blowing kisses to the camera.

The minute-long video ends with Sanders picking up a wooden dinosaur as she scolds it and winks at the camera. Strange indeed.

While there's no denying Jasmine is absolutely stunning in the clip, it's hard to get past the weirdness of it all. Fans took to commenting on Love's Instagram post, saying things like "um..." and expressing their surprise at Love's ability to keep the strange videos coming.
"just when you think it can't get (sic) worst.."
However, Jasmine's clip only has about a dozen comments while past calendar days each received well over 200 comments. Perhaps fans are growing tired of seeing the same weird theme repeated over and over. Other fans expressed their desire to see popular Victoria's Secret model Adriana Lima appear in the calendar before the month is over.
"I hope Adriana Lima will be on the love (sic) calender"
Jasmine Sanders appears in Love magazine's advent calendar
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The Daily Mail reported on Jasmine's appearance in the calendar, saying the girl known as 'Golden Barbie' was a good girl gone wild in the video.

"But model Jasmine Sanders was a good girl gone wild on Thursday, as she turned sexy cavewoman as the latest beauty behind LOVE magazine's advent."

The article describes the moment Sanders is left topless by the dinosaur as "sassy" as she chases the bikini thief.

"Grabbing her wild-child leopard print bomber jacket, the model proceeds to chase a life-size dinosaur around the outdoor complex in her sassy red patent boots."

However, the Daily Mail has a different take on the video, saying it sends the message to girls that they can be anything they desire.

"In the end, in the spirit of Barbie's golden motto that girls can be anything they want to be, the Golden Barbie is transformed into a sultry cavewoman in nothing but a loincloth styled into a cutaway swimsuit and a bone in her hair."

Jasmine Sanders appears in Love magazine's advent calendar
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The Sun included stills from the video in its coverage of the strange, yet sexy day 29.

"In a haze of smoke, Jasmine later transforms into what appears to be a sexy cave woman in a cleavage baring pale coloured body."

It reported that Jasmine kept it in the 21st century with her selfie stick despite the dinosaur/ cave woman theme.

"But keeping it clearly in the 21st century, her time is spent taking pictures on her mobile with a selfie stick."

While it is an interesting video to watch, some fans just can't get over the strangeness of this year's dinosaur theme. Model Alexis Ren also danced with dinos in her day 22 shoot, and Ciara starred in a video featuring unicorns and a piano playing cat.

Fans are now eagerly waiting to see who wraps up the month in days 30 and 31 of Love's annual calendar.

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