‘Marvel Vs. Capcom Infinite’: Mega Man X Huge Part Of Cinematic Story Mode, Developers Reveal

Capcom is shaking things up with new Marvel Vs. Capcom Infinite details.

We first heard about the new Marvel Vs. Capcom title last month during PlayStation Experience 2016. Since then, we’ve seen a few trailers that detail some of the characters that we’ll be getting in the new installment. Captain America, Morrigan, Captain Marvel, Iron Man, and Ryu are all confirmed to be going head to head. There’s also Mega Man X, the biggest surprise to the roster we’ve seen thus far. Having seen these characters in action, fans are excited to know what we can expect.

Marvel Vs. Capcom Infinite will be set on a 2v2 platform. Unlike Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 and its 3-on-3 gameplay, fans will be pairing duos together for attacks and assists. Eventhubs reveals that there will also be a cinematic story mode, and Mega Man X will fit very deeply within the game’s story. This is a first for the blue protagonist, as he’s been missing from Capcom’s limelight for quite some time.

Capcom was considered a troll for the last few years, mainly due to how Mega Man was teased but ultimately left out. Zero, one of the playable characters in Marvel Vs. Capcom 3, wears a “Mega Man” costume. That’s about as far as he was inserted into the game. Even Frank West, a character from the Dead Rising series, was given a Mega Man alternate costume. One of the stages in Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 has a picture of Mega Man listed among other characters, but speculation was all that fans could gather. This time, however, fans can rest assured that Mega Man is back.

Perhaps the most intriguing information on Marvel Vs. Capcom Infinite is the fact that the game will be revealing how both the Capcom and Marvel worlds came together. This will be the first installment that dives so deeply into the main story. We’ve never actually known what happened for the Marvel and Capcom worlds to collide, so it’ll be a nice change of pace for Capcom to focus more on the story than anything else this time around.

Capcom’s Michael Evans had this to say in regards to Marvel Vs. Capcom Infinite.

“Another huge pillar of the game is going to be the story,” Evans began.

“For the first time, we’re getting to tell the story of how the worlds come together.”

He went on to make a small note about Mega Man X’s inclusion in the cinematic story mode.

“Mega Man X is going to fit very deeply into the story along with Captain Marvel.”

This brings about the question of what characters are going to be added to the roster. New Years came with a Reddit topic naming what characters would be in Marvel Vs. Capcom Infinite. Unfortunately, a report by PvPLive has debunked the list and given significant reasoning as to why we won’t know who the game will include this early.

Marvel Game’s Mike Jones commented on how the characters for Marvel Vs. Capcom Infinite will be chosen.

“Speaking from the Marvel side, the core of everything we, from filmmaking to TV to publishing, and games, is storytelling,” said Jones.

Jones continued, making note of the creative process that was being used to choose the names in Marvel and Capcom’s respective universe.

“And so with the new emphasis on the cinematic story mode and the story of how these two universes collide, and how our characters meet and what that means, that drove a lot of the creative decisions for what characters to use,” Jones mentioned.

“This is where you’re gonna see, you know, Mega Man X meets Iron Man, and what does that look like, what happens?”

It looks like the partnerships of characters is going to make more sense than simply being the mechanics of a video game. If this kind of attention to detail is any indication as to what we can expect, Marvel Vs. Capcom Infinite is going to take fans to lengths never before explored in the Marvel Vs. Capcom series.

[Featured Image by Capcom]