Rob Kardashian Hospitalized, Blac Chyna And Kris Jenner Rush To His Side

Aside from featuring in Kardashian/Jenner reality super-stardom, Rob Kardashian is also a businessman. He launched his exclusive fashion sock brand, Arthur George, in 2012, and the luxury brand has kept him extra busy the past few years. The brand name is a nod to Rob’s father, Robert Kardashian, who died in 2003 just eight weeks after being diagnosed with cancer. As explained on the company’s website, the name is a combination of dad Robert’s middle name, George, and son Rob’s middle name, Arthur. Running his own business may have also contributed to Rob Kardashian’s anxiety and deteriorating health.

Rob Kardashian has struggled with depression and weight-related diabetes for a long time, and this worrying hospitalization seems to be a repeat of a similar episode just one year ago. He has repeatedly retreated from his family and the public when unhappy or stressed, especially following a breakup. This recent crisis is another in a long and tragic line of episodes that have left the Kardashian sisters and mom Kris deeply worried about Rob Kardashian’s health. Hopefully, Rob Kardashian’s hospitalization will be the last of these crises and the young reality star and businessman will regain control of his health, regardless of whether he and Blac Chyna resolve their relationship issues.

UPDATE: TMZ reports that Rob Kardashian has been released from hospital following diabetes scare.

[Featured Image by Greg Doherty/Getty Images]