Tesla Model X SUV’s Autopilot 8.0 Radar Feature Brakes To Prevent Accident [Video]

Tesla has gotten plenty of buzz lately — as witnessed in the following videos. But the one video getting the most attention in the past day or two is the one from ABC News below, wherein the autopilot feature on a Tesla Model X SUV appears to predict an accident and brake, warning the Tesla’s driver of an accident before he reacts. As seen in the video, a warning sound can be heard as soon as the cars in front of the Tesla driver get into a devastating accident.

The fact that Tesla’s autopilot seemingly predicted the accident, as reported by ABC News, is gaining plenty of views for the dashcam video. Driving a Tesla Model X — which is the Tesla’s version of a compact SUV with “bat wings” — Frank van Hoesel avoided the dangerous crash via his Tesla’s Autopilot 8.0 radar feature, reports Engadget.

The radar feature of the Tesla Model X reportedly picked up on the vehicles ahead of Hoesel and predicted the coming disaster. The video sounds the alarm of the Tesla Model X’s Forward Collision Warning system, which began to brake the Tesla Model X — likely before Frank would have done so on his own. A gasp from the Tesla Model X occupants can be heard as well. Frank’s Tesla Model X braked before being involved in the accident himself.

As a result of the viral video, which has become sort of an amazing commercial in avoiding accidents by driving a Tesla Model X, as reported by Engadget, the Tesla Model X and the Tesla Autopilot’s radar technology is gaining more attention. The SUV involved in the unfortunate accident, as seen in the video, can be viewed as it rolls several times. Other drivers exit their vehicles to check on the occupants of the rolled SUV. The date on the video is Tuesday, December 27. Tesla confirmed to ABC News that the beeping heard in the viral video is the Tesla Model X’s 8.0 radar being “triggered by radar sensing the vehicle two cars ahead [were] slowing down” via a radar that can “bounce the radar signal under a vehicle in front… and still brake even when trailing a car that is opaque to both vision and radar.”

Thankfully, everyone seen in the viral Tesla Model X video “turned out to be OK,” according to Electrek. Meanwhile, other videos besides the viral one above are getting attention regarding Tesla vehicles.

Marques Brownlee has gone viral with the below video, titled “Tesla Model S Problems: My Experience!” Marques details how much he loves his Tesla in the below video — but Brownlee describes the scary problems he has had with his Tesla, ones that involve the Tesla locking up several times when he tried to make left-hand turns.

The other Tesla-related video going viral is below, titled “Here’s Why the Tesla Model X Is an Awful Car” by Doug DeMuro. Despite the title, the video by Doug isn’t what it seems. Upon watching the video, viewers learn that DeMuro has found an interesting way to dispel plenty of myths about electric vehicles like Teslas.

As seen in the top photo above, a Tesla Model X was placed on display — replete with the batwing doors that opened upwards — at the Paris Auto Show in Paris, France, on Friday, September 30.

Meanwhile, some of the comments being posted on social media about the Tesla preventing an accident can be read below.

“Wow! and deeplearning [algorithms] to the rescue! Keep on drilling and boring Elon!”

Bill Jansen: “With the insane increase in people texting while driving, this technology should almost be mandatory. .”

[Featured Image by Christophe Ena/AP Images]