Blackberry 10 Finally Begins Carrier Testing

Research In Motion has finally begun to test BlackBerry 10 devices with carrier network support. The Canadian manufacturer is expected to launch its first Blackberry 10 devices in early 2013 and in preparation of that launch they are working with more than 50 wireless carriers to ensure proper compatibility.

According to Electronista:

“RIM’s forthcoming BlackBerry 10 devices are thought to include at least one touchscreen device and another touch-enabled handset with a hardware QWERTY keyboard.”

Another device codenamed Aristo is also believed to be in the works. The Aristo device is believed to include a 4.65-inch touchscreen that outputs at an impressive 1280 x 720 pixels of resolution. With the Aristo device RIM is also believed to be using top of the line hardware that will compete directly with Apple, Samsung, LG and other top-line smartphone manufacturers.

Research in Motion needs to hit the Blackberry 10 OS and its subsequent devices out of the park. RIM has come under constant fire by Apple’s iOS and Google Android smartphones over the last 5 years.


Making matters worse for RIM, Pentagon officials on Wednesday announced that it would begin to allow non-RIM devices to be used on its network. With that announcement it is likely that RIM will lose thousands of buyers who instead gravitate towards iOS and Android based smartphones.

Early analyst reviews for the device have pointed to great advances for Blackberry’s OS.

Will you be testing the new Blackberry OS 10 when it arrives in Q1 2012 or have you given up on the company’s slow to adapt technology platform?