SNES Classic Edition Is Coming Soon, Five Must Have Classic Games The Console Needs

With the success of the NES Classic Edition, it comes to no surprise that the guys over at Nintendo are planning to have an SNES classic edition next Christmas. Rumors are rife that Nintendo is planning to have an array of holiday nostalgia consoles until they reach an N64 classic edition. And while those are just speculation, to say the least, a new leak has hinted that an SNES Classic Edition is on its way and a lot of fans are really excited as to what the games are.

The entire story about the possibility of the SNES Classic Edition has been leaked by WWG. It seems like Nintendo has already patented a new SNES controller which makes this news, along with the success of the NES Classic Edition, most likely true.

Truth be told, the SNES Classic Edition could rival the NES in terms of classic and amazing games. According to a list by Paste Magazine, here are some of the must-have games that the new SNES mini must include in order for it to have the same success as the NES Classic Edition.

Star Fox

This is the game that kicked off the whole Star Fox series. Having this in the SNES Classic Edition is definitely a must for the system. Star Fox’ smooth controls and an immersive 3d world was pretty groundbreaking at that time for a Nintendo Console. This game was voted as the best shooter of 1993 by then top gaming magazine, Electronic Gaming Monthly. Star Fox is one of the best rail shooters of all times and a lot of fans who grew up playing the SNES would definitely feel like a kid again once they take up to the skies.

WWF Royal Rumble

This was the golden age of the WWE with superstars like Hulk Hogan and Bret Hart. Wrestling was at the highest peak at that time and games like WWF Royal Rumble are pioneers when it comes to Pro Wrestling Video Games. While a lot of WWE-licensed games are duds, this one is definitely a gem. Nearly all gamers will remember button mashing their controllers to death just so they could throw their brother or friend out of the ring. Those campy 90’s WWE games are certainly fond childhood memories for a lot of older gamers.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Turtles in Time

Obliterating foot soldiers on the streets of New York City with a couple of buddies will always be a fond memory for SNES adopters. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Turtles in time sure was a good throwback to those days.

This game is a must have for the SNES Classic Edition especially now that most “Turtles” games have failed to recapture the magic and sense of adventure of the earlier ones. The days of trash talking, couch co-op beat em up may be dwindling down, but hopefully, the SNES Classic edition may just send fans back in time.

Super Mario World

Super Mario World is considered by a lot of gamers as the best Mario game ever. It laid the foundation of what future Mario games will act, feel, and play like.

In a sense, Super Mario World was the perfection of the vision that started out as a simple plumber jumping on bricks and saving the princess. Super Mario World is almost a shoo-in for the 30 games that will be included for the SNES Classic edition and deserves a lot of respect from true gamers.


A lot of friendships in the 90’s has been destroyed by this game. Getting dunked on by the best bud from the three-point area while doing summersault flips is definitely a bitter pill to swallow. NBA Jam is an amazing throwback to basketball arcade that mixes humor with fast-paced basketball action. “Boom shakalaka” indeed.

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