‘The Legend Of The Blue Sea’ Ep 13 Recap & Update: Episode 14 Postponed to 2017, Storyline To Get Overhaul

The Legend of the Blue Sea Ep. 13 solidified Heo Joon Jae and Sim Cheong’s relationship. With it, the flashbacks became more rampant as Joon-jae became more and more curious about his past life.

Meanwhile, more attention has been given to Joon-jae’s missing mother. In the last episode, she had actually almost run into her husband at the hospital. But because of his cataract, he couldn’t see who the woman in front of him was. Unfortunately, Joon-jae’s mom could see him quite clearly, and she has mistaken his obliviousness for a real intent of disregard. It was also in this chance meeting that she discovered his husband’s new wife, who turned out to be her schoolmate who had offered her life insurance in the past.

In Episode 13, Cha Si Ah wanted to impress Joon-jae so much that she took Ahjummoni Yoo-ran with her to his house to cook there in person. She figured that since Joon-jae loved the lunches she always brings, it would be a good idea to have the actual cook in the house so they can have a fresh, hot meal together. But when Si-ah checked a picture in Joon-jae’s room while he’s away, she recognized his missing mother as Ahjumma Yoo-ran. Alas, instead of making sure that Joon-jae would see his mom at last, Si-ah chose to leave before the mother and son could reunite.

Legend of the Blue Sea Episode 13 had Cha Si Ah trying to win over Heo Joon-jae's mother's affection
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Meanwhile, Kang Seo-hee’s plan to change Heo Il Joong’s will has finally come to fruition. With Il-joong’s failing eyesight, she has managed to manipulate the lawyer and a witness to convince Joon-jae’s father to sign the tampered will. The new document reflects Heo Chi Hyun and herself as sole heirs to his inheritance.

Since the will has already been signed by Il-joong, Seo-hee didn’t need to look after her useless husband anymore. One evening, with his vision almost impaired to the point of blindness, Il-joong fell off the stairs while Seo-hee watched. At just the right time, Chi-hyun arrived on site and witnessed his mother’s indifference. It’s a good thing he came on time because he was still able to call for an ambulance for his unfortunate stepfather. But even though he could see all of his mother’s devious plans, he always turns a blind eye at the expense of his clueless dad.

Aside from this, the episode confirmed the real relationship between Seo-hee and Ma Dae Young. Turns out they are not just business partners, but lovers as well. It is assumed that Dae-young is probably Chi-hyun’s biological father. The real question is, will Chi-hyun come clean to the atrocities he witnessed his mom do, or will his love blind him from doing what’s right?

Going back to Joon-jae, his desire to uncover more from his past life led him to agree to a deep psychoanalysis. This was when he discovered that in his past life, he died at a young age. It happened during the time when he had tried to protect the mermaid Se Hwa from Dae-young’s spear. In turn, Se Hwa plunges the spear deeper while she has Dam Ryeong in an embrace, so that she will die with him at sea.

Unfortunately, Episode 14 will not be airing tonight. Instead, a movie-like episode will take its place, which would be a summary of the Korean drama so far. According to the Korea Times, the special episode will be similar to a director’s cut of the episodes covered by the drama.


According to Soompi, the K-drama’s plot might have major developments in store, that’s why the airing of the next episode has been moved to 2017. Fans surmise that the show’s low ratings prompted production to rethink the show’s plot and editing of the remaining half of the drama.

Despite Lee Min-ho and Jun Ji-hyun as the flag bearers of the show, Episode 13 still received poor ratings to finish fourth (15.8 percent) nationwide and only second (18.4 percent) in Seoul.

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