Cindy Crawford Hits Back At Instagram Haters

Cindy Crawford knows she is 50 years old and doesn’t need everybody shouting from the rooftops that she’s not getting any younger, according to Us Weekly. The former Sports Illustrated swimsuit cover girl says she’s sick of Instagram haters telling her how she’s aged over the years.

In her New Beauty winter-spring 2017 cover story, Cindy Crawford said she’s well aware that she’s not going to look young anymore, but it doesn’t mean she needs to be reminded of that.

“I don’t need everyone on Instagram pointing out that I don’t look the same way I did when I was 20.”

Female celebrities who have been in the public eye for years or decades are facing an unbelievable amount of scrutiny and pressure from the media and Instagram commenters. And Cindy Crawford learned it the hard way.

“Sometimes, when you’re in the public eye, it can be hard, and that’s where you kind of have to work on yourself.”

But Cindy Crawford couldn’t care less about those Instagram trolls and says she is perfectly fine with aging gracefully. The mother-of-two admitted that no matter what she does, she’ll never look 20 or 30.

“I just want to look great for 50.”

And she does look great for 50! What’s Cindy Crawford’s secret? The model revealed that she exercises regularly, eats healthy, and takes “really good” care of her skin. Crawford, who’s the mom of models Kaia and Presley, whom she shares with husband Rande Gerber, says modern society is demanding women to do the “undoable.”

“But it’s about looking great for however old you are, regardless of what that number is.”

Cindy Crawford also opened up about the surprises and challenges of being 50 years old. The model admitted that while there are some aging aspects that she had expected – like gray hair – she certainly didn’t expect the texture of her hair to change so much.

“It’s gotten much coarser over the years. I look at my daughter and I’m always like, ‘You have my old hair and I want it back!'”

Cindy Crawford said that her daughter’s hair looks perfect in the morning even if she goes to sleep with it wet. And the model admits she’s “jealous” of that. The former Sports Illustrated swimsuit cover girl shared the secret of feeling beautiful and confident at 50 years old.

And that secret is: accept the age. Cindy Crawford noted that accepting inevitable parts of aging – such as gray hair – should always be accompanied with feeling good. The former model advises women to be “grateful” for good health and just “enjoy” being 50.

No matter how hard Cindy Crawford is trying not to be jealous of her budding model daughters, it must be challenging to look at her daughters and not feel nostalgic. The former model’s daughter, Kaia, has recently made her celebrity mom feel super nostalgic by channeling her famous black-and-white photo shoot, according to ET Online.

Kaia collaborated with photographer Brian Bowen Smith to channel her mom Cindy Crawford’s famous black-and-white photo shoot. And the 15-year-old model looks exactly like her mom! While the snapshot is titled Mother, the photoshoot was inspired by the famous model’s photo shoot with late photographer Herb Ritts.

Kaia’s snapshot is featured in a series of photos called Metallic Life, which premiered at Art Basel in Basel, Miami Beach, and Hong Kong this month. In his interview with Vanity Fair, Smith shared how Kaia came up with the idea to channel her mom Cindy Crawford’s look.

“Cindy is obviously [Kaia’s] main inspiration, and when we were shooting one day, she said, ‘Oh, I know how to channel my mom.’ I think one of the most beautiful things in the world is to see yourself in your children.”

[Featured Image by John Sciulli/Getty Images]