‘Gremlins 3’ Is Moving Forward With New Details

Gremlins 3 has been teased now for over a year, and rumors have flowed from one thing to another. But now that lead actor Zach Galligan has weighed in on the project, there are some new details that fans of the Gremlins franchise may just like.

When Zach Galligan was doing a promotional event in London earlier this month for a movie that he made when he was only 18-years-old, which is only just now getting released three decades later, Bleeding Cool caught up with Galligan during the event and the two had a chance to sit down and talk about what is next for the actor and the Gremlins franchise.

It became apparent right away that the potential for another sequel in the Gremlins franchise has been on the minds for all the major players in the project, which includes producer Steven Spielberg and writer Chris Columbus. Apparently, Columbus, who was not involved with Gremlins 2, did not like the original sequel and wants to find a way to fix the franchise and move forward with a different vision for the characters.

As many fans of the Gremlins franchise may already know, there is a six-year time gap between the first and second movies. In the Gremlins sequel, the action took place in a high rise New York City building and Zach Galligan said that his character was working for a Donald Trump-like character, Daniel Clamp (played by John Glover) at the time.

The way that Gremlins 2 played out seemed to be a something that writer Chris Columbus did not enjoy, so he is currently looking for ways to either fix the franchise or ignore that sequel and move forward from the continuity that was last left with the original Gremlins film.

“Chris Columbus didn’t have anything to do with Gremlins 2 – because by his own admission he didn’t see a franchise,” Zach Galligan told Bleeding Cool. “He kind of regrets it I believe, but he was ‘one and done.’ I don’t think he cared for Gremlins 2 and the direction some of the characters went in, so he’s kind of wrestled control back. Everything I’m quoting is stuff he’s publicly said. ‘There will never be a remake. There will never be a reboot. There will only be a sequel.'”

The progress that has been made for Gremlins 3 indicates that the project was never not taken seriously, nor just a rumor. Chris Columbus has been actively seeking a path forward for the hit Gremlins franchise, which includes reinventing the timeline to see where his characters might be now in modern times, as well as introducing new characters to the Gremlins franchise.

“He (Chris Columbus) has been aggressively working on a Gremlins 3 that takes place in present day,” Zach Galligan said. “He tantalizingly says there will be some new characters and some old characters – I guess in the style of a [Star Wars] Force Awakens type sequel. One thing we know for sure is they have a writer on board.”

But anymore, just having a director, producer, or an actor on board for a sequel is never enough to get a project off the ground. For Gremlins 3 to happen, the studio needs to be on-board and enthusiastic about the project.

“Warner Bros. definitely wants it, Chris Columbus wants to do it because he’d like to undo the Gremlins 2 thing as he wasn’t thrilled with it and Spielberg wants to do it, I imagine – because he’s Spielberg – and why wouldn’t he want to do it,” Galligan said. “Once he’s found the right script he can attach his name and make a ton of money. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.”

Although the details of Gremlins 3 moving forward is definitely good news, there has been no word yet as to when it could be released, nor when production may even get started on the film.

[Featured Image by Warner Bros.]