Leah Remini Calls For The FBI To Investigate The Abuse And Misconduct Claims Against Scientology And David Miscavige

Leah Remini is taking a stand against Scientology. She was a member of the church of Scientology for over 30 years but left once she started figuring out what was really happening behind the closed doors. Labeled a suppressive person, Remini is considered an enemy of the church. There has been a lot of work put into the docu-series, Scientology and the Aftermath, and there is hope that it will help save people who are being abused in the organization and help people who want to leave without confrontation.

The latest installment of Scientology and the Aftermath found Leah Remini and Mike Rinder in Denver meeting with a couple who escaped from the church of Scientology in 2005. The Headleys shared their story about being married while in the Sea Organization and finding out they were pregnant. The church allegedly forced Claire Headley to have an abortion. As Claire talked about the experience, Remini was getting emotional. Because the church of Scientology has been declared a religious organization, there is nothing that can be legally done about the abortions. It is strictly a religious matter and the law has no weight there.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Leah Remini wants to know why the FBI isn’t getting involved with all of the claims that have surfaced. The most recent episode was just a stepping stone but there are a lot of stories that have not been publicly told. Remini is serious about the FBI being involved, even tweeting about it last night. She has been incredibly involved in getting people to speak out about the abuse they endured while in the church. Some of the allegations are incredibly brutal accounts, ones that make your skin crawl and blood boil.

There has been a lot of backlash against Leah Remini because of her speaking out against the church of Scientology. In fact, during the most recent episode it was apparent she was being followed. Remini and Mike Rinder discovered two people taking videos on their phone while hanging out in a hotel lobby, both of whom were private investigators. While it was unclear if they were linked to the church or were there for another reason, the idea that Remini could still be being followed almost four years removed is a scary thing. Scientology and the Aftermath producers were with Remini and Rinder as all of this was going down. It was quite eye-opening for viewers.

A crusade against Scientology is happening and more and more high-ranking ex-Scientologists are speaking out against their former church. Many of the men sharing their stories worked directly for David Miscavige and those who didn’t were high-ranking officials in the Sea Organization. Right now, the stories being told are all from big names and some of the regular members who experienced similar things. Leah Remini is working hard to include everyone and share the most important stories. People everywhere are tuning in and forming opinions on Scientology. Remini’s goal is to have families reunited and people saved.

With only three more episodes to go, Leah Remini is working on something beyond Scientology and the Aftermath. This will not end after eight episodes and fall to the wayside. Things have been exposed for what they are and the heinous crimes being described are the harsh reality for some. People have been split from their family without even having the chance to say good-bye. Remini isn’t going to stand for it and she is ruffling feathers to get things done. Calling upon the FBI to investigate is the first step in the direction she wants to go. Leah Remini is a woman on a mission, and her mission is to expose Scientology.

[Featured Image by Ethan Miller/Getty Images]