Debbie Reynolds Rushed To Hospital After Suffering Medical Emergency [Breaking]

Debbie Reynolds has been raced to the hospital following a possible stroke on Wednesday, TMZ is reporting.

Reynolds was at her son’s home in Beverly Hills when emergency services were called around 1 p.m., according to the site.

“Debbie was at her son Todd Fisher’s home in Beverly Hills and just after 1 PM someone from the house called 911.”

CNN reported Debbie was complaining of trouble breathing before being rushed to Cedars-Sinai.

“The Los Angeles County Fire Department told CNN it responded to a call where Carrie Fisher owns a home, but would not name the female patient it transported to Cedars-Sinai Hospital.”

It’s reported by TMZ that 84-year-old Reynolds has been “distraught” since her daughter Carrie Fisher was hospitalized following a major heart attack while flying from London to Los Angeles on Friday. News of Carrie’s passing was made public on Tuesday following her cardiac episode and hospitalization, as reported by TMZ.

“A passenger who’s an EMT performed CPR on Carrie and once the flight landed, paramedics rushed her to UCLA Medical Center where she remained in intensive care until her death.”

While being reported as “stable,” Carrie was not responsive after the medical emergency, which has taken a toll on her mother, Debbie.

“The family had said she was in ‘stable condition’ but we’re told she was not responsive after her medical emergency.”

There isn’t much word yet on Debbie’s condition, only that she was rushed to a nearby emergency room.

“The ambulance just took Debbie to a nearby emergency room.”

E! News provided a brief update on Debbie’s condition following the news of her emergency hospitalization.

“Reynolds was rushed to a hospital via ambulance Wednesday afternoon. She was transported in fair to serious condition…”

Debbie Reynolds rushed to hospital after suffering medical emergency
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However, the update provides little detail on Debbie’s current condition as it’s listed as fair to serious. The site reported neither her rep or son commented on the situation.

“Reynolds’ rep and Todd had no immediate comment.”

It’s reported by TMZ that Reynolds was at her son’s house discussing funeral plans for her daughter when the possible stroke took place.

“Debbie was at Todd’s house discussing funeral plans for Carrie.”

Us Weekly has reported on the situation, saying Reynolds suffered a medical emergency following the death of her daughter just one day ago.

“Debbie Reynolds has reportedly suffered a medical emergency just one day after her daughter, Carrie Fisher, passed away.”

Debbie Reynolds rushed to hospital after suffering medical emergency
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On Christmas, Debbie took to Twitter to thank fans for their well wishes and prayers as Carrie remained hospitalized. She added that Fisher was stable and the family would report any change.

“Carrie is in stable condition.If there is a change, we will share it. For all her fans & friends. I thank you for your prayers & good wishes.”

However, the news of Carrie’s death followed just two days later. Her fans have been taking the news hard as they share their sorrows and sentiments with Debbie and the rest of the family. People expressed their grief, saying they were truly heartbroken over Carrie’s passing.

“Heartbroken, I thought she was recovering :( truly sad”

Debbie had yet to post about her daughter’s death on Twitter, but has mention of her children in her bio. She calls them the light of her life before addressing her previous marriages in the social media caption.

“My two children are the lights of my life.”

Reynolds did take to Facebook on Tuesday following Carrie’s death to once again share her thanks for all the support, reported Entertainment Tonight. She ended the post by saying “love, Carrie’s mother” as she mourned the loss of her only daughter.

“Thank you to everyone who has embraced the gifts and talents of my beloved and amazing daughter. I am grateful for your thoughts and prayers that are now guiding her to her next stop. Love Carries Mother”

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