Prince Harry And Mark Dyer ‘Lengthy’ Meeting While Meghan Markle Alone In Toronto

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle didn’t rejoin each other right after Christmas. The Mirror had previously reported that Queen Elizabeth had given her permission for Harry to miss Prince Philip’s traditional Boxing Day shoot and instead head to the airport to catch the first flight out to see Meghan.

The Queen reportedly understood how much Harry and Meghan were missing each other. She supported the relationship to the point that she was willing to let Harry break with royal tradition and spend more time with Meghan.

At that time, a Harry insider said that the Queen gave her mark of approval to the relationship with Meghan and since it was “obvious everybody understands just how much they’re missing each other,” Prince Harry would be allowed to “bypass normal Boxing Day traditions.”

But the Daily Mail reports that on December 28, two days after Boxing Day, Harry was still in England, and Markle was still in Toronto, where she lives. Whatever Meghan and Harry’s plans were for getting together before New Year’s, it appears that something changed.

According to the outlet, Prince Harry was spotted meeting with his long-time mentor, Mark Dyer, but Markle was far away, “wrapped up in the cold in Canada.”

Dyer is a former Welsh Guards officer and his close association with Prince Charles has meant that he has been “one of the key figures in the [Prince Harry’s] life since childhood.” Mark has even earned the affectionate title of Harry’s second father.

Prince Harry and Mark Dyer had a private meeting
Mark Dyer and Prince Harry at Dyer's wedding [Image by Samir Hussein/Getty Images]

The prince often asks Dyer’s advice when he has big decisions to make, and Mark is a “source of guidance and … a close friend who has been instrumental in a series of key moments in his life.”

With the ongoing rumors that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will announce their engagement in 2017, fans are wondering if Harry’s “lengthy meeting” and discussion with Dyer on Wednesday might have had something to do with his girlfriend.

The International Business Times reports that British actor and Anti Social co-star Gregg Sulkin has gone so far as to say that Markle is well-suited to be Prince Harry’s wife, and a “princess of our country.”

“If there is anyone who acts accordingly and acts well-mannered and in a classy, sophisticated way, [it’s her]. I would be nothing but proud for her to in the future one day potentially be a princess of our country, to represent our country. I don’t think that there is anybody more suited and more respectful.”

Meghan Markle in Canada while Prince Harry meets Mark Dyer in England [
Meghan Markle in Canada while Prince Harry meets Mark Dyer in England [Image by Jason Kempin/Getty Images]

With talk of a royal engagement even from fellow actors, it’s no wonder royal watchers and Markle fans are putting their own construction on the meeting between Prince Harry and his mentor. The two met at Mark Dyer’s pub, the Sands End pub, and Harry didn’t leave until after dusk fell.

A witness to the meeting said that it lasted “more than an hour and a half,” and the Prince’s bodyguard was at the table with Harry and Mark. Dyer and Harry looked serious and focused throughout their discussion, and didn’t enter into conversation with anyone else in the pub.

“They had their heads down most of the time as if they really wanted to keep their chat private.”

In the meantime, Meghan gave no sign that anything special might be happening in her life, and took some time for “one of her favorite activities” with her mom. People reports that Markle and her mom stepped out for a yoga class together despite the cold weather in Toronto, where temperatures were around the freezing mark.

What do you think? Did Prince Harry put off his Boxing Day trip to talk to Mark Dyer about Meghan Markle? Will Mark Dyer approve an engagement between Markle and the prince in 2017?

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