Super Nintendo Classic Edition Console Leaked In Famicom Trademark? Rumors Claim An SNES Mini Release Date May Happen For ‘Super Mario World’ In 2017

Will a Super Nintendo Classic Edition release date come in 2017? Nintendo could be attempting to ride the wave of success it created by launching the NES Classic Edition. While it is possible the company is merely protecting its intellectual property rights, there just might be a new version of Super Nintendo Entertainment System in the works. It’s possible the new console could be called Super Nintendo Classic Edition or SNES Mini.

Nintendo recently admitted it woefully underestimated demand for the NES Classic Edition console. Hence a trademark filing could be a hint about the possibility of Nintendo making amends with the release of SNES Classic Edition in the New Year. The company may have a made a mistake by poorly judging the overwhelming nostalgia while offering the NES Classic Edition, but it certainly won’t make the same mistake twice.

The NES Classic Edition is virtually impossible to procure because any and all units available in physical as well as virtual stores were snapped up within minutes. In fact, riding the wave of popularity, the upgraded and miniaturized offering of an old classic gaming console continues to remain out of stock, allowing Nintendo to cash in on the nostalgia, indicated a Twitter account that keeps an eye on trademark filings.

Super Nintendo Classic Edition Console Leaked In Patent? Twitter Rumors Hint A SNES Mini Release Date Might Happen For 'Super Mario World' In 2017
[Image by Nintendo]

Nintendo’s trademark filing for a new Super Famicom controller has led to intense speculation about the possibility of a Super Nintendo Classic Edition Console that is likely to be released in 2017, reported Nintendo Everything. The Twitter account @trademark_bot tweeted a Super Famicom controller image that’s just been registered by Nintendo.

Experts caution that a mere trademark filing doesn’t confirm anything. In fact, trademark registrations are quite common in the electronics as well as white goods industry. Companies like Nintendo regularly face intense competition from companies that make knock-offs or gaming consoles that closely resemble the original ones, reported WWG. Moreover, many companies have blatantly copied the SNES controller design for their gaming consoles. It is quite possible that the trademark filing is a legal attempt by Nintendo to curb the practice.

However, there are a few reasons that make even a mundane trademark filing interesting. Nintendo is already enjoying a revival. Nintendo owes its resurgence largely to the runaway success of Pokemon GO, and the recent release of the much sought after NES Classic Edition. This past year has seen the popularity of Nintendo rising exponentially. While the company’s market value slid dramatically after it admitted it won’t directly profit from the augmented reality game, Nintendo’s NES Classic Edition is still a hot-ticket item that largely remains out of stock. Hence it is possible the company will try to extend its success by offering Super Nintendo Classic Edition Console after witnessing the immense popularity of NES Classic Edition.

Super Nintendo Classic Edition Console Leaked In Patent? Twitter Rumors Hint A SNES Mini Release Date Might Happen For 'Super Mario World' In 2017
[Image by Nintendo]

A Super Nintendo Classic Edition Console makes perfect sense from a hardware perspective. Component-wise, the NES Classic Edition is a lot simpler than yesteryear’s original NES. The new console is essentially just a circuit board inside retro packaging with a bunch of pre-loaded games. The company won’t have to spend a lot on research and development. To launch an SNES Classic Edition, Nintendo can essentially use the same circuit board; compile new emulator software, and pre-load different games on the memory module, including one of the most popular ones: Super Mario World. Given the fact that the games meant to run on SNES platform take up slightly more memory, it wouldn’t be a problem to use the same architecture as that of NES Classic, and merely modify the external case to resemble a miniature version of the retro gaming console.

The only thing that would stand out and will be needed to be made from scratch will be the controller, and perhaps that’s what the trademark filing is all about.

The NES Classic Edition was meant to retail for mere $60. However, it has been sold out since its launch. Opportunists are selling a few consoles on eBay, and demanding as much as $300, and oftentimes even more. The SNES Classic Edition could be Nintendo’s attempt at offering a retro console at a slightly elevated price and many units. Nintendo would be virtually assured of sales judging by the reaction to NES Classic Edition.

Incidentally, next year would be the 25th anniversary of the SNES’ release in the United Kingdom, reported Trusted Reviews. While the trademark filing could pan out to be nothing more than legal precaution, fans are hoping for a SNES Classic Edition release date announcement.

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