Chicago White Sox And New York Yankees In Expansive Talks On Jose Quintana Trade

Are the Chicago White Sox going to trade Jose Quintana to the New York Yankees? Will the Chicago White Sox trade Jose Quintana to the Pittsburgh Pirates? Will the Chicago White Sox wait until the MLB trade deadline to deal their star pitcher? Everything could be decided in the next few days. The White Sox may even decide to keep their prized hurler as they continue to rebrand their ball club.

What is obvious is that Chicago White Sox are sitting in the driver’s seat. Armed with what many people believe is the best pitcher available, the White Sox are in complete control. Setting the tone for the trade market was their deal with the Boston Red Sox, sending Chris Sale to the Yankees’ chief rivals.

In the trade with the Red Sox, the White Sox received two of the top 10 MLB prospects. Chris Sale is one of the top pitchers in baseball, and he is under a modest contract for the next three years. It is only ideal for the White Sox to ask for slightly less for Jose Quintana, who is one of the top American League hurlers. His contract is less than Sale’s and has one additional year of control. That serves as a reason why the White Sox could decide to keep Quintana for themselves.

Jose Quintana
The Chicago White Sox want a lot in return for jose Quintana, who is one of the top pitchers in the American League. [Image by Brian Blanco/Getty Images]

Teams have been reluctant to deal with the Chicago White Sox because of their lofty but realistic trade demands.

If the White Sox want three top prospects for Jose Quintana, they are in the position to hold out for three top prospects. This is especially if trade talks drag on through the beginning of the MLB season. That asking price will only go up if Quintana fares well.

It was reported by ESPN’s Buster Olney that the Pittsburgh Pirates were in talks with the White Sox regarding Jose Quintana. Nothing has yet to take place because of the Pirates’ reluctance to trade both of their top two prospects. The New York Yankees were also mentioned as a potential trade partner with the Chicago White Sox.

What followed were reports of a possible three-team trade between the White Sox, Pirates, and Yankees. Sports Mockery details the potential trade proposal. The principal players changing teams would be Jose Quintana going to the Pirates, outfielder Andrew McCutchen heading to the Yankees, and the White Sox receiving a group of prospects from both teams.

Whether the proposed deal has any legs remains to be seen. But one of the latest reports suggested that the New York Yankees have approached the Chicago White Sox with a separate deal that would have Jose Quintana and closer David Robertson going to the Yankees. It would hinge on the White Sox taking on a chunk of Robertson’s salary.

David Robertson
In a possible trade with the Chicago White Sox, it was reported that the New York Yankees would want David Robertson along with Jose Quintana. [Image by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images]

The expansive talks between the White Sox and Yankees have taken place, according to CSN Chicago, but there is a chance that Robertson is not involved in those conversations.

Sources associated with the New York Yankees have since shot down the idea (courtesy of that the Yankees want David Robertson included in a Jose Quintana deal. It was a trade idea that made little sense as far as the Chicago White Sox are concerned. The White Sox can get the best return for both players if they traded them in separate deals.

Jose Quintana will warrant at least three top prospects from a team’s organization. As for Robertson, who is a quality MLB closer, he should be able to bring back either two prospects or a pro-ready player in return.

If the White Sox cannot find what they are looking for in any of the trade offers, they will wait until the MLB trade deadline to see if things have changed.

The Chicago White Sox have plenty of suitors for both Jose Quintana and David Robertson. They can take their time sorting out proposals while entertaining others. That may not be good news for the New York Yankees, Pittsburgh Pirates, or any other team interested in the White Sox pitchers. However, there is no reason for the White Sox to rush a trade.

Some resolution will take place within the next few days. The Chicago White Sox will either find a deal they like or wait the process out.

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