Randy Moss’ Twitter Attack On Ex Libby Offutt Continues, Posts Evidence Of Drug Abuse

Randy Moss continued his barrage of criticisms against his ex-girlfriend Libby Offutt on Twitter on Wednesday after revealing that she had problems with drug abuse a day earlier.

On Wednesday, Moss posted a picture of a letter from legal firm Horack, Talley, Pharr & Lowndes, P.A. on his Twitter page. The letter advised Offutt to comply with the recommendations of a doctor before her visitation rights would be restored.

Moss posted the image after TMZ interviewed the mother of his ex, who claimed Offutt’s drug problem is a thing of the past and that she has since received the help she needed.

Randy Moss, 39, who retired after the 2012 NFL season, has five children with Offutt – Sydney, Senali, Thaddeus, Montigo, and Sylee. The couple had their first child while they were both still attending DuPont High School in Belle, West Virginia.

Moss revealed on Twitter that Offutt has not seen their children for more than two years. According to the former wide receiver, a judge ordered Libby to go to rehab before she would be able to get back custody of their kids three years ago. However, he claims that she is “causing problems” because she does not want to go back to rehab for the fourth time.

Moss, who claimed that Offutt spent nearly $4 million on drugs, further accused her of slandering him.

“Slandered me all over wv and social media. I’m just being like any other loving dad to be there for his kids! Blame me for $4 mil wasted on drugs,” he wrote.

The relationship between Randy Moss and Libby Offutt has attracted attention over the years. According to Player Wives, the former couple was threatened and taunted by people who were opposed to their interracial relationship when they were still in high school. Moss reportedly got into a fight that ruined his chances of playing high school football for Notre Dame over some unflattering comments about his relationship with Offutt.

In 1996, Moss and Offutt were both arrested following an argument that degenerated into a fight. According to Offutt, Moss had thrown hot water on her during the incident.

Randy Moss
Randy Moss. [Image by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images]

Randy Moss’ career was riddled with controversies. Nonetheless, his retirement in 2011 came as a surprise to many, as many analysts agreed that he was still good on the field. Moss came back from retirement in 2012 but was dropped by the San Francisco 49ers after a bad season. Now, Moss has revealed that he chose to retire from the NFL to take care of his kids.

While Randy Moss’ Twitter tirade revealed that he loves his children dearly, it appears that the relationship between him and his oldest child, Sydney, has not always been in the best state. In a 2013 interview alongside her mother, Sydney said that her relationship with Moss was “on and off.”

“We’ll be cool one day and then not cool the next day,” she said.

After a remarkable college career, Randy Moss’ daughter is now looking forward to playing basketball in the WNBA. According to the Charleston Gazette-Mail, Sydney said that she hopes as her parents grow older, they will be able to work out their differences. However, she said that she is self-sufficient and is creating her own path.

“I want my hard work and dedication to the game to pay off with being my own person,” she said.

Sydney is not Randy Moss’ only child with Offutt who is into sports. Her younger brother Thad Moss is a standout high school football player. Earlier this year, Thad committed to play college football for the NC State Wolfpack.

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