Meghan Trainor Tops Billboard’s Adult Contemporary For The First Time, And Why She Asked Everyone She Met To Find Her Someone To Love

Meghan Trainor is currently at the top of Billboard’s Adult Contemporary radio airplay chart, according to Billboard.

The singer’s collaboration with Brett Eldredge with their version of the popular holiday song “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” saw the pair rise to the top of the charts: a first for both of them. Country crooner Eldredge has never made it to the Adult Contemporary charts before, while Meghan Trainor has made it to the charts eight times previously. The yuletide classic marks the first time that the “All About That Bass” singer has graced the top of the charts.

Meghan Trainor, the American singer, songwriter, and record producer, was born in 1993 in Massachusetts. Although she’s well-known as a writer and singer of romantic songs, her fans may be surprised to learn that Trainor sought advice from her friends to find a suitable partner. The singer’s debut album I’ll Sing With You features beautiful love songs, and even though today, she relishes her relationship with Daryl Sabara (of Spy Kids fame); the singer had earlier relied on her friendship with Chloë Grace Moretz for courting advice.

According to Perez Hilton, Meghan Trainor appeared on the Netflix talk show Chelsea and admitted that she had asked for Chloë’s advice when she found it difficult to find a boyfriend.

“I asked every person I met since day one, ‘Find me a boyfriend!’ Chloë Grace Moretz is a friend of mine, and day one of meeting her, I was like, ‘You know anybody that I could date? Or love? Whatever?”

Meghan disclosed that her celebrity status had become an obstacle to finding someone special, and guys were reluctant to approach her when she visited clubs with her team and friends. The singer’s mother had earlier insisted that her daughter’s partner should be a celebrity as well; and Sabara appears to be the perfect beau for Trainor as he’s not only a celebrity, he’s also a musician who loves to sing and play the piano and guitar.

Recently, Trainor confirmed her romance with Daryl Sabara by posting a photo on Instagram showing the cute couple together. According to People magazine, the singer gushed over her boyfriend while appearing on Chelsea, revealing that the Spy Kids actor is her first boyfriend since entering the entertainment industry.

“Yeah, this is the first time having a boyfriend and being public with it, not first-time ever but in the famous life.”

The couple celebrated Halloween together earlier this year at Universal Studio’s Halloween Horror Nights. Daryl was dressed in Spider-Man attire while Meghan Trainor came as a pumpkin!

Even though she has only released two albums, Meghan Trainor has a large fan base and has already embarked on three promotional tours – That Bass Tour, MTrain Tour, and The Untouchable Tour. She’s also created her own online store known as the Meghan Trainor Shop, selling hoodies, sweatshirts, tees, gift cards, necklaces, keychains, and Meghan Trainor albums.

She has also shared that working on a new music project serves as therapy for her and helps her stay happy. Billboard reports that Meghan Trainor was candid enough to admit that she’s willing to collaborate with anyone who comes up with beautiful lyrics and songs.

“Sometimes I’ll have my best friend, who’s my personal assistant, help me rhyme one word with another, and now she has writing credits on my album. I always need help.”

Apart from being a talented musician, Meghan Trainor has become an influential celebrity, motivating people to be proud of their body image. Before she became famous, the singer had a negative complex when comparing herself to other celebrities, artists, and dancers. However, her success as a musician made her realize that conforming to society’s unfair expectations of beauty are no guarantee for love and success.

Meghan Trainor shared that she’s been thanked by her fans for not only her music, but also her body-positive attitude. Ever since the release of her debut album, Megan Trainor is confident and happy, and it’s this confidence and her steadying relationship that helps the singer really appreciate her life.

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