UFO Theory: Florida Case Illustrates Problems With Triangle UFO And TR-3B Comparisons

Any reasonable UFO theory that would explain the triangle UFO phenomenon must address the provenance of these craft. With that in mind, it is useful to examine a Mutual UFO Network case from Gainesville, Florida that occurred two weeks before the Clearwater Triangle UFO case discussed in The Inquisitr. The sighting, which happened on December 11, 2016, featured a triangle UFO that was hovering and then shot up and out of sight.

The witness in this case describes a triangle UFO that was “enormous.” Another interesting observation was that the witness noticed a “framework” on the exterior of the UFO that the witness took to indicate that it was a metallic structure. In the testimony, the witness mentions three lights on the corners of the triangle. Curiously, the sketches of the craft that are included with the UFO report show what appear to be multiple lights along the edge of the craft.

One common UFO theory that is commonly asserted to explain these types of sightings is that the triangle UFO sightings are of a black project named TR-3B, which is alleged to be a part of a secret Air Force space program, or equally asserted to be a known secret project serving the NSA and other government agencies. In this theory, the TR-3B is the answer to what people are seeing when they see a triangle UFO. The TR-3B theory is based on a triangle based craft that uses nuclear power and a special plasma chamber to create an anti-gravity, or localized gravity field.

The United States has a well known history for secret aircraft. [Image by NASA/Handout/Getty Images]

Rense.com takes a stab at laying a scientific foundation for the concept of anti-gravity devices, and Dark Government goes much further with a longer description of the TR-3B, which includes a kind of technical specifications description of the craft’s components. The problem with the first article is that it relies almost entirely on speculation – if based in some science, and the second seems to be entirely based on claims that an insider in the secret space program is leaking information. The theory is that the TR-3B is a functional triangle that UFO, and that is what many of the witnesses are seeing.

In the view of this theory the secret space program has created, under the auspices of the Aurora Project, a massive triangle that is being called a UFO. Even if we look at the data the supporters of this UFO theory provide, we can see almost instant discrepancies. First, a tactical reconnaissance craft 600 feet across is a lousy piece of hardware for that job, as also discussed in the Rense article.

If one even concedes that the triangle UFO sightings discussing a disappearing craft would support the TR-3B’s supposed ECCM and optically hidden hull, a 600-foot UFO is an awfully difficult thing to hide all of the time. The spate of triangle sightings would argue for that conclusion. Also, if one is to maintain any measure of intellectual discipline, one would be forced to challenge the almost whimsical technology the TR-3B is alleged to possess. It’s one thing to develop a theory based in science, but many of the alleged systems in that ship are nothing short of science fiction. The second article even refers to a “supersonic nozzle,” which seems almost contrived to create hyperbole.


For the sake of carrying the conversation forward, one should also be skeptical of a UFO theory that has the government spending incredible amounts of money to develop a technological marvel allegedly capable of traveling at Mach 9.0, and then deploy it to a Gainesville suburb. It makes no sense. The risk of something going wrong with such a mission and exposing an entire massive secret program would be far too great in an area with a decent population.

In this case alone, the witness was even able to describe the texture along one side of the UFO. This TR-3B theory of a secret UFO program relies on a perfect flight record and no errors over hundreds, if not thousands of sorties over highly populated areas. But all of this pales in comparison to a two-word argument.

Has the United States gone from prop driven craft to anti-gravity travel in the time of an average life span? [Image by Brendan Smialowski/Getty Images]

The best argument one could make against the TR-3B theory is this: Google Earth. If a private technology company can put a close-up picture of someone’s backyard as seen from a satellite, certainly a government that wants information can get better, higher resolution images from space. Why risk a UFO sighting and a theory that points the finger at the government, when that same government could send up a rocket with an announced satellite payload and have a more effective reconnaissance tool in orbit?

With the TR-3B UFO theory, there are, at present, too many flaws to give it too much consideration. Perhaps if someone could get a good picture of one of these, this issue will be resolved. Short of that, these UFO sightings will remain a source of speculation.

[Featured Image by Uriel Sinai/Stringer/Getty Images]

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