Nintendo Switch Latest Updates: Three Hours Of Battery Life And Other Rumors Confirmed By Insider

Popular video game critic Laura Kate Dale recently held an AMA at Reddit. According to her introductions, the main focus of the whole AMA is to address everything she knows about the Nintendo Switch. According to Dale, she has a lot of insider info about the Nintendo Switch and would like to answer questions regarding Nintendo’s mysterious console. The entire AMA was done in two hours and it shed to light new facts as well as old news about the Nintendo Switch.

For those who would like to read the full AMA, here is the entire thing from Reddit. The first news to come to light is that the Nintendo Switch will indeed be more powerful while it is in docked mode. While this rumor has already been addressed some time ago. It is definitely nice to hear as this will be indeed the case. This is what Laura Kate Dale had to say regarding the specs of the console.

“I still think Eurogamer’s info is solid, knowing their info sources and their reporting techniques and practices. Most of my confidence in the DF post comes from my willingness to accept EG as having done their homework. I had a single source matching EG. I do not know DF’s sources.”

Nintendo Switch Price And Release Date

Dale is referring to the website that leaked the specs of the Nintendo Switch. The specs seem to match the price point and will most likely hold for the Switch. Speaking of price point, according to Dale the Switch would cost around 300 USD which is right around the price range most people are hoping for. This would make the Nintendo Switch much cheaper than the Xbox One and PS4 when they launch. Another tidbit that Laura shared is that the Switch will launch on March 17.

Rabbids RPG, Just Dance 2017, And New Mario at Launch

According to iDigital Times, third-party titles like Just Dance 2017 and Rabbids RPG are some of the third party titles that have been revealed by Dale to be available for the Nintendo Switch. This might not be the best games to get excited for the Nintendo Switch but at least it shows that there are already some third party games lined up for the console. Dale mentioned that there are at least three third party exclusives for the Switch, but the only ones that she mentioned are Just Dance 2017 and Rabbids RPG. One good news though is that Dale has acknowledged that a new Mario game will be available at launch.

Portable Mode Will Last Up to Three Hours

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One thing that fans have been wondering about the Nintendo Switch is how long will the battery last in portable mode. Laura Dale has dropped some hints that the Nintendo Switch will be able to last for about three hours. This would put the Switch right around the same battery life of the Nintendo 3ds. While this might seem like a deal breaker, keeping in mind that the Nintendo Switch was built as a home console first makes this quite reasonable. Plus, Dale said that the battery life of the Nintendo Switch can go beyond five hours if the user tweaks some of the settings a little bit.

Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Might Make it to Launch

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Dale has also been swarmed with insider rumors that Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild might not make it to the launch day. But she is also guessing that Nintendo might pull off some magic and make the game available for the Nintendo Switch launch date. Hopefully, the game makes it to the launch of the Switch as Nintendo is already heavily marketing the console using the new Legend of Zelda game.

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