Four New Nokia Handsets To Be Announced After MWC 2017 [Report]

Since late 2015, we have been talking about the possibility of Nokia, once the largest mobile phone maker in the world, making an imminent comeback. With 2016 coming to an end, there is however, still no sign of that elusive Nokia branded handset. However, there have been several reports in the past few days alone that hint towards the possibility of first of the Android-powered Nokia handsets making their official appearance at the 2017 Mobile World Congress – scheduled to take place between February 27 and March 2nd at Barcelona, Spain. In the latest such report, Taiwanese publication Digitimes has hinted about Nokia announcing a bunch of new Android smartphones at the Mobile World Congress. The report also went on to add that Nokia could announce four more devices in the 2nd and 3rd quarters of 2017, thereby cementing their return to the industry they once dominated.

Now, the reason we are taking this report by Digitimes a bit more seriously than a traditional blog is because of the fact that they have had a history of being fairly accurate in predicting about future launches (mostly Apple-related). Coming back to the latest report by them, it is being said that Nokia will officially announce at least four new Nokia branded, Android-powered handsets after they announce its first Android phones on the eve of the Mobile World Congress. These handsets would be made by HMD Global, the new company that was floated by Nokia in collaboration with Foxconn to manufacture handsets for them.

Digitimes has also talked about the possible specs some of these rumored handsets would sport. Note that the publication stopped short of revealing the detailed spec-sheets of the new devices. What they did reveal, however, was that these handsets would come with display sizes starting at 5.0 inches, going up to 5.7 inches on the largest device. All the handsets would also feature full HD (1080p) display resolution. The report adds that HMD Global is currently in talks with several supply chain makers in the China-Taiwan region to help them develop these smartphone models which Nokia would release by mid-2017. Note that these handsets are separate from the initial ones that Nokia may showcase at the Mobile World Congress, two months from now. In case this interests you, some of the suppliers said to be involved in making parts for these new Nokia phones include LG (who is said to make the displays for them), Century Technology (CTC), and Innolux. FIH Mobile is also said to co-operate with Nokia as a production partner.

Nokia lumia handsets
The Nokia Lumia 830 being launched at an event in Germany [Image by Markus Schreiber/AP Images]

Meanwhile, there is still confusion over the name of the first Nokia-branded Android-powered handset that could be released at the MWC. We have been hearing about the Nokia D1C for the past couple of months now. While there were initial reports that the Nokia D1C would be an Android powered, mid-range handset, subsequent reports claimed that it was, in fact, a large screened tablet. A few weeks later, there was again a flip-flop and the D1C was reported to be a mobile phone. In the latest turn of events, even Digitimes has reported that the Nokia D1C is indeed, a mobile phone and that it would likely end up becoming the first “proper” Android-powered Nokia to be released. The report also goes on to add that the Nokia D1C would be made in two versions – one a larger screened version with more memory (5.5- inch display, 3GB of RAM) and the other, a cheaper, smaller screened alternative with lesser memory (5-inch display and 2GB of RAM). As reported earlier, the Nokia D1C would still be a mid-range offering from Nokia with prices for the lower priced version starting at just over $150 and the higher priced variant being only marginally more expensive at around $200.

[Featured Image by Roni Rekomaa/ AP Images]