Kanye West Was Not Banned From Kim Kardashian’s Christmas Party [Debunked]

Kanye West was not banned from attending Kim Kardashian’s Christmas party. This particular rumor was started by the Sun.

“Kim ordered husband Kanye to stay away from her family’s traditional Christmas Eve bash, friends revealed last night. Her wedding finger was bare on Saturday night as she partied with her mum and sisters at their annual festive gathering in LA. Troubled rapper Kanye, 39, instead went to the cinema with friends.”

The article adds that Kanye defied Kim’s warning and made a late appearance at the event. Many of the commenters after the article don’t appear to be fans of either Kim or Kanye.

“A creepy, pathetic bunch of attention seeking gold diggers,” wrote John Mcneil.

“Really. WHO CARES? Stop putting these two all over the news. All they are known for it being all over the news. ENOUGH ALREADY,” stated Markey Farrell.

However, according to Gossip Cop, the story appears to be completely fabricated.

Kanye attends Kardashian bash
Kanye West was not banned from Kim Kardashian’s Christmas bash. [Image by Victor Boyko/Getty Images

“Kim Kardashian did NOT ban Kanye West from her family’s annual Christmas Eve party, despite a report. Gossip Cop can exclusively debunk the story, which was seemingly made up,” wrote columnist Shari Weiss, adding that the British tabloid originally said West was not at the party at all but changed its tune after it was revealed that he actually did show up.

This wasn’t the only rumor about Kanye West this week. Radar Online reported that he had bailed on Kim Kardashian after she tried to cover up divorce drama.

“Kim loves Kanye, but if he isn’t going to change, that is really upsetting to her,” claimed a source.

According to the article, insiders told Radar Online that Kim is at the end of her rope in deciding what to do about Kanye. She allegedly thought that Kanye going to New York to meet Donald Trump was the worst thing he had ever done. As a last option, Kimye were allegedly seeking marriage counseling, but it doesn’t seem that the commenters after the article were worried about Kanye West and Kim Kardashian’s marriage.

“Are they aware that they are the most mocked and hated family in the world?” asked one commenter.

“All of this is so old news. Everything is being played out according to the faked marriage contract,” wrote another.

Kim and Kanye are still together
All stories about Kimye’s separation appear to be fabricated. [Image by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images]

However, Gossip Cop put the brakes on what appears to be another fake news story.

“Kanye West has not bailed on Kim Kardashian, nor is she trying to cover up ‘divorce drama,’ despite a completely untrue report. Gossip Cop can correct this made-up claim. We’re told it’s absurd,” wrote columnist Michael Lewittes, adding that the site has consistently spread rumors about a Kimye divorce without having actual facts to back themselves up.

In other Kanye West news, his 2016 album Life of Pablo has ended up on several best-of lists. The Daily Dot claims Kanye’s latest is the best album of 2016.

“While your timeline was busy complaining about Kim Kardashian’s unhinged husband, you may have missed the actual music. Pablo burns the candle at both ends like the kind of mixtape rap fans used to buy out of trunks when there was no Tidal; it’s joyful, inspiring, narcissistic, beautifully curated, and expertly sourced.”

The article goes on to call Life of Pablo rap’s Abbey Road and a blender of pop ideas that don’t need more than two minutes to land. It looks that no matter what people say about Kanye, his musical career will continue to thrive.

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