WWE News: CM Punk Might Still Have A Future In UFC, According To Dana White

The WWE headed into Chicago last night for Monday Night Raw, and that meant one thing was inevitable. WWE fans in Chicago all started chanting for CM Punk almost as soon as the show started. The WWE was smart once again in how they dealt with this. Cageside Seats reported that Stephanie McMahon immediately made fun of the CM Punk UFC debut, where he lasted barely over two minutes.

It was very similar to when the WWE was last in Chicago and they sent out Paul Heyman, the former manager of CM Punk, who also worked the crowd to kill the chants. This week, CM Punk chants started up again, but they were smaller and died out quickly.

WWE News: CM Punk Might Still Have A Future In UFC According To Dana White
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Despite this, WWE fans still want to see the return of CM Punk, something that the former superstar has indicated is likely to never happen. However, in a recent interview with TMZ, UFC President Dana White didn’t rule out the chance that CM Punk could return for a fight in the UFC.

Much like a WWE return, another CM Punk UFC fight is probably not going to happen either. As White said in the interview with TMZ, the UFC is a dangerous place and for first-time fighters, it is even more dangerous. CM Punk learned that the hard way when he was beaten badly by Mickey Gall at UFC 203. After the fight, Dana White said he didn’t think CM Punk would be back.

He seems to have lightened up and said he wants to talk to CM Punk about his plans and that the future is still up in the air. He said they will figure out if there will be another UFC fight after that.

WWE News: CM Punk Might Still Have A Future In UFC According To Dana White
[Image by WWE]

However, Dana White’s words were also very calculated, and when he talked about Brock Lesnar, it was clear that he wasn’t really that interested in talking about the CM Punk return. While White does not think that Brock will be back in the UFC either, he seemed more complimentary when talking about Lesnar.

“I think his career is winding down but he’s a freak of nature. Who knows … maybe he’ll give me a call and say he wants to do it again but I think he’s ready to ride off into the sunset.”

When it comes to CM Punk and the UFC, Dana White said it is a dangerous place and that they will talk about the future. When it comes to Brock Lesnar and the UFC, White said he is a freak of nature and seems to indicate that if Brock wants to come back, it will happen.

Of course, the biggest difference here is that Brock Lesnar was suspended for the next year because he failed two separate drug tests when he fought Mark Hunt at UFC 200. Lesnar won the fight, but it was tainted thanks to the failed tests.



Brock Lesnar doesn’t need the UFC and is making a lot of money in the WWE right now on a part-time schedule. CM Punk saved up his WWE earnings and really doesn’t need to work at all. Both men went to the UFC because they had something to prove. Brock Lesnar proved himself and was a champion. CM Punk failed in his first attempt and was beaten badly.

There is little chance the WWE will see CM Punk back in the ring again, although never say never. As for the UFC, the chances are just as low, but as Dana White said, there is still always a chance.

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