Lowell ‘Ed’ Amos, Bobbie ‘Bobbe’ Amos: Serial Killer, Who Murdered Mom, Wives, Story On ID’s ‘Pandora’s Box’

The murder of Bobbe ‘Bobbie’ Amos, aka Robert Mowery Amos, will air on Investigation Discovery’s Pandora’s Box: Unleashing Evil this Thursday night. Pandora’s Box takes a look at one crime and tells how the investigation leads to the knowledge that other crimes have been committed. That was the case with Ed Amos, also known as Lowell Ed Amos, a Michigan serial killer who killed three of his wives and his own mother with poison. The Pandora’s Box episode recounting the murders is “Married To Death.”

  • On Pandora’s Box: “Married To Death,” just hours after attending a Christmas party, Lowell Ed Amos wakes up in a hotel room to find his wife, Bobbie, dead.

December 1994: Michigan

Fifty-three-year-old Ed Amos attended a business Christmas party with his wife 37-year-old Roberta Mowery Amos, who was also called Bobbe. At some point during the night, Ed and Bobbe retired to their hotel suite, where they had sex before Ed drifted off to sleep. According to him, he awoke several hours later and found Bobbe unresponsive.

But it had all been a terrible accident, according to Ed’s story. They were having wild sex, and during the act, he inserted cocaine inside of her vagina. Then she died. An autopsy report concluded that she had 15 times more than the amount needed to kill someone, the Deseret News reported.

Investigators didn’t buy his story and were suspicious that he had intentionally killed Bobbe. To prove it, they began looking into Ed Amos’ background, where they discovered that he not only had one wife to die but two others. And there was something more shocking. His own mother had died while he was living with her.

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Detroit detectives also determined that there was a financial component. Records showed that he had gained large sums of cash from each of their deaths.

  1. In the death of his first wife, 36-year-old Saundra Amos, an English teacher who was found dead in 1979, he collected $350,000.
  2. Shortly after Saundra Amos’ death, he married Carolyn. Carolyn was found dead in her bathroom. For Carolyn Amos’ death, Ed gained $800,000 in insurance payouts.
  3. Detectives found that in the death of Ed Amos’ 76-year-old mother, who supposedly died of natural causes, he inherited $1 million dollars.

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In each case, Ed Amos had explained it all away. But for detectives looking at the most recent case, a pattern had been established, and detectives were sure that the insurance policy payouts were the motive in some of the deaths.

Michigan court records show that after the death of Bobbe Amos and the others, he took time to clean and manipulate the crime scenes to fit his version of events.

“The defendant tampered with, or destroyed, evidence at both crime scenes. In the present case, defendant cleaned the hotel room, flushed cocaine down the toilet, and had Porcasi remove a syringe, sport jacket, and washcloth from the room. He later retrieved these items from Porcasi. Regarding the death of Carolyn Amos, the coroner suggested that the body had been moved because Carolyn Amos would not have fallen in the position she was discovered.”

As detectives gathered evidence and put their case together, Ed Amos was out having the time of his life. He spent lavishly and engaged in sex with other women. It was apparent that the former businessman was not the grieving husband.

Those who knew Ed Amos say that he was a rather handsome businessman who appeared to be very intelligent. He had no problem getting women. His problem was keeping them…and keeping them alive at that.

When the case broke, other women came forward to say that they believed they had also been drugged by him during sexual encounters, according to Murderpedia.


The Lowell Amos story became the basis for the true-story Lifetime movie Black Widower, according to the Movies Based on True Stories Archives.

To get more details about Bobbe Amos’ murder, watch Pandora’s Box: Unleashing Evil, this Thursday, at 10/9 p.m. Central on the Investigation Discovery Channel.

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