Terror Suspects Say FBI Entrapped Them With Fried Chicken

Defense Attorneys acting on behalf of four terror suspects accused with plotting to blow up Bronx Jewish centers and military targets in New York are saying the FBI entrapped them with fried chicken.

In May 2009 four people from New York were were arrested by a joint FBI – NYPD terror task force and charged with plotting to blow up several targets in the surrounding area. James Cromitie, David Williams, Onta Williams and Laguerre Payen face charges of conspiring and attempting to use weapons of mass destruction and conspiring to kill officers and employees of the United States.

Serious charges, indeed, but the accused suspects defense attorney says an FBI informant stated that the suspects were paid to talk to undercover agents over meals of fried chicken at a Crown Chicken restaurant while being coerced into plotting the bombings.

“You can’t watch the tapes that you don’t see eating going on,” said Marilyn Reader, lawyer for accused would-be terrorist Laguerre Payen.

“The [confidential informant] is paying for all these meals.”


The defense is saying that the only reason the terror plot came about in the first place was through their fried chicken meals with the undercover agents. Other inducements were alluded to as well but nothing definite has been put on record at this time.

The four men are in custody and are scheduled to go on trial June 14, 2010.

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