Sabrina Bryan’s Thoughts On Her Second Elimination From ‘Dancing With The Stars’

Sabrina Bryan can’t seem to catch a break on Dancing With the Stars.

According to TODAY, Bryan was booted off of the show in week six of this season just like she was in season five. Both times, Bryan left the competition on the same date, Oct. 30.

“This is one of the most amazing experiences I ever could have asked for,” a grateful Bryan told reporters. “To have a second chance at something like this has been incredible.”

Bryan realized leaving early once again was a big possibility. It wasn’t just her shocking elimination five years ago that brought her to the conclusion that she could be booted at anytime.

“It’s an all-star season,” she noted. “You can’t be shocked to go home. There are incredible people in this cast. Everybody continues to get better and better every week.”


Bryan said that she had been worried that her elimination was growing near when she and Van Amstel were left on stage along with other top-scoring duo, Apolo Anton Ohno and Karina Smirnoff.

Bryan, the former Cheetah Girl, was asked if she was glad to be leaving on such a high note when she responded by saying:

“Um, glad? No. But we feel like we accomplished something. Louis brought so much out of me. He’s all I could ever ask of anyone in any kind of partnership. I feel amazing.

“This season, I’m in such a happy place. My life, my family, my friends are all good. My friend from the East Coast (in the path of Superstorm Sandy) is safe. Everything in my life feels good right now.

“Every one of you guys (reporting on the show) asked me what I’d do differently this season after I got the chance to be on it. I said I’d take a moment every day to take in what I have. I realize this time how blessed I am for everything.”