WWE News, Spoilers: The Brothers Of The Shield Reunite Against A Huge Enemy As New Title Feuds Begin

It is the day after Christmas and the wrestling fans of the world will be brought a lot of presents straight from WWE for Monday Night Raw. It is the final show of the year for Team Red and there are going to be a lot of unsettled scores heading into 2017, but there will be some unanswered questions as well. The biggest question has to be…can anyone stop Braun Strowman? The unstable giant unleashed havoc last week on Raw and former brothers in The Shield were left laying in ruins.

The official website of WWE released the preview for this week’s Monday Night Raw that will officially put an end to 2016. It has been a tumultuous and dangerous one with the company splitting down the middle with the return of the brand extension, but the action and intrigue have only doubled.

Now, can anything be done to wrangle the giant who formerly sided with The Wyatt Family?

Who will face Bruan Strowman’s wrath?

After failing to handle Sami Zayn in under 10 minutes at Roadblock, Braun Strowman was not left happy and is looking to destroy anyone in his path. Actually, he’s taking out those not in his path as well and that was shown on last week’s Raw when he absolutely decimated United States Champion Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins.

Yes, the former brothers of The Shield were paired together once again, but things didn’t quite work out for them as they had hoped. The Hounds of Justice had to take on Jeri-KO, but it was the post-match happenings that left them on the mat.

That was after Strowman was given the night off by Raw General Manager Mick Foley, but he didn’t just want to sit by and do nothing. Strowman destroyed Sin Cara, Titus O’Neil, and anyone else that crossed him.

At the end of the night, the big man took it upon himself to take out the former brothers of The Shield and they won’t just let that go without any sort of retaliation.

Can Chris Jericho overcome his fear of heights before Royal Rumble?

In a page straight out of WCW’s old playbook, Chris Jericho was locked in a shark cage last week on Raw and raised high above the ring. In order to keep him from interfering again at the Royal Rumble, Jericho will be locked in the cage and not allowed to help his friend Kevin Owens as he defends his WWE Universal Championship against Roman Reigns.

wwe news spoilers monday night raw braun strowman roman reigns seth rollins title shield
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This is a strange storyline, but it is one that is really working for Jeri-KO and one that is truly old school for longtime wrestling fans. The Shield brothers are without Dean Ambrose and could really use his help at times, but having Y2J locked in a cage will benefit Roman Reigns.

Is Bayley our next Raw Women’s Champion?

Last week on Monday Night Raw, Bayley was able to take big-time victory and put it on her past record. After Charlotte Flair regained the Raw Women’s Championship at Roadblock, it looks like her feud with Sasha Banks is finally over and she is now moving on to feuding with “The Huggable One.”

This is one that fans have been waiting a long time to see as it could result in Bayley finally winning gold on the WWE main roster. If she’s going to do that, though, she will have to defeat Charlotte when it counts and that is in a championship match.

Will Neville’s callous new attitude continue to pay off?

Ever since Neville returned to the scene, he has had a completely new attitude and it is working well for him. He’s not looking to impress anyone or have the fans on his side as he simply wants to show his dominant side and take championship gold in the cruiserweight division.

wwe news spoilers monday night raw braun strowman roman reigns seth rollins title shield
[Image by WWE]

Neville has his sights set on the Cruiserweight Championship that is currently held by Rich Swann, and he has shown that he’s ready to take it. When Monday Night Raw hits Chicago, he is likely going to show up again and make sure that the world knows his name.

How will Enzo Amore & Big Cass retaliate against Rusev and Jinder Mahal?

For weeks, Rusev has been tormenting Enzo Amore and Big Cass with “The Bulgarian Brute” usually getting the upper-hand. Now, he is no longer outnumbered, though, and he has some help in the form of Jinder Mahal.

As he has taken Mahal under his wing and is teaching him the ways of the strongest men in the world, these “haters” have some obstacles in their way to sensitivity and dominance. This is a big-time match in the making and one that could happen very soon.

The final Monday Night Raw of 2016 is going to be a big one and the WWE is not going to leave fans without a lasting impression. One simply has to wonder if it is even remotely possible for someone to truly stop Braun Strowman. Last week, Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins were left destroyed and the former brothers of The Shield could do nothing to put an end to his wrath. It will be interesting to see what he does this week and how the new title chases pan out heading into the Royal Rumble.

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