Coco Austin Shares Adorable Holiday Photos While Wearing Matching Outfits With Baby Chanel Nicole

Coco Austin is a proud mom and loves to post photos of baby Chanel Nicole. Much to the delight of fans, Coco shared some adorable holiday pictures on Instagram this week while she and Chanel Nicole wore matching Christmas pajamas.

The 37-year-old mother-of-one shared the cute photos on Monday morning showing her and Chanel flaunting their elf pajamas. Coco’s mother, sister, and Bulldog are also present in the fun photo— all wearing their Christmas best, of course. Coco and family wear striped elf-inspired pajamas, while Chanel wears little leg warmers and a glittery bow.

On Christmas day, Austin also shared a photo of the crew wearing Rudolph pajamas and reindeer ears. She said the photo was a little Christmas Eve fun as she posed with her nieces, nephew, and dogs.

“Family fun Xmas Eve photo w/ my mom & her Dog, my sis with her kids & of course Chanel & Max had to grace us with their presence. LOL”

Fans enjoyed seeing Coco and Chanel getting in the holiday spirit as they shared their opinions on the Instagram post. Some commenters seemed to have a hard time distinguishing between Austin’s mom and her sister, who seemingly look very similar.

“Your mom looks like a sister I was trying to see which was which. Great genes!”

Others simply enjoyed seeing the family fun as they dressed in their festive pajamas.

“Awesome, beautiful family photo!”

Earlier Christmas week, Coco shared photos while wearing matching Chanel outfits with her daughter. CBS reported on it, saying the mother-daughter duo are twinning in the fashion game.

“Coco Austin and her cute-as-can-be daughter, Chanel, are twinning the fashion game! The adorable mother-daughter duo took to Instagram on Wednesday to show off their flawless black-and-white matching Chanel No. 5 outfits.”

Austin said she and Chanel Nicole were “happy campers” as they spent the holidays in Arizona. She later posted a photo of the back of their outfits with the caption “will the real Coco please stand up!” In both photos, mother and daughter look very happy in their matching outfits.

Just a few days prior to their matching looks, Austin shared some holiday photos of baby Chanel. One shows the 1-year-old dressed in a tutu and wearing a pink flower top as she happily poses in Candyland.

“This little girl is just too much! My little candyland girl, she’s got those smiles down pat and really knows how to work the camera”

Fans were also loving the holiday photo as they took to Instagram to share the love. One commenter said they love how Coco and Chanel always match in their “flawless” style.

“I absolutely think it’s adorable the way both of you Mommy and baby girl wardrobe be Flawless, #stayonpoint, #coordinate.”

Of course, the holidays aren’t the only times Coco dresses like her daughter. Over the summer, Austin wore matching bathing suits with Chanel, as well dressing in pink tulle skirts and pearls for Chanel’s first magazine cover shoot.

“Chanel’s 1st Birthday is Nov 28th! She is turning into such a little lady. So exciting on what’s to come for the New Year! Thank you @vintagenycmag for capturing her first Magazine photoshoot!”

The shoot was for Vintage NYC magazine, and little Chanel seemed to love posing for the camera. She’s taking in her mother’s footsteps in more ways than one! However, Daily Mail reported that Coco doesn’t want her daughter to become a model as she did.

“I’m going to try and push her away from modeling. It’s going to be hard because I’m probably going to have a camera in her face and she’s going to learn how to model.”

Austin said Chanel will probably always be in front of the camera, and she was right. According to her Instagram, her baby is constantly in photoshoots— both professional and impromptu— as she documents Chanel’s first years. However, fans don’t seem to mind seeing Chanel pose as they like and comment on Coco’s photos.

[Featured Image by Theo Wargo/Getty Images]

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