WWE News: Former WWE Star Kurt Angle Reportedly Contacted About ‘WWE Royal Rumble’ Appearance

Former WWE Superstar Kurt Angle has been very vocal about wanting to return to the WWE, and now there seems to be a possibility that he could end up returning to the company. Angle left TNA Wrestling earlier this year, and he made it known online and in interviews that he did not plan to retire. Instead, he simply planned to leave TNA. He was asked then if he wanted to return to the WWE and has pretty much been telling everyone he would love to return for one last ride.

He spoke with both Vince McMahon and Triple H, but at the time, he was told they did not have a use for him. Then, the WWE brand split occurred and WWE was forced to hire a lot of former stars to help fill their rosters. Angle, of course, felt that he might have an opportunity to return down the line, and with fans behind the return, it made sense to think it could happen.

According to PWStream, it appears that WWE has contacted Kurt Angle about a return for The Royal Rumble where he would appear in the Rumble match itself as a surprise entrant. Of course, this is only a rumor as of now. There are rumors that others are also set to return, so this comes as no surprise. Every year, WWE tends to bring someone back to take part in the Rumble match or they make a major debut.

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Last year, AJ Styles was the big debut, which fans were hearing about for weeks leading up to the event. The talk regarding his WWE deal became so major that WWE.com had to report on the rumors. While Kurt Angle is toward the end of his career, there may at least be a Rumble appearance for him on the table.

Bubba Ray Dudley’s return in the Rumble one year led to both he and D-Von Dudley returning, and they are about as far into their careers as Kurt Angle is with his. Angle has proven he can still work at a high level as well, and fans want to see him again. While we cannot expect him to make a WrestleMania appearance this upcoming year, we can at least get a Rumble appearance out of him knowing the pop and love it would get by the WWE fans who want to see him again.

If this becomes major, there could be a shot for Kurt Angle to return on a bigger scale. If WWE is willing to bring back Bill Goldberg, there is really no reason to think Angle would be going against much. Angle was also always seen as a team player with WWE and did everything asked of him. He also made Vince McMahon and WWE a lot of money. He did not leave the WWE in the best way, but there is no reason to think he could not end his career with WWE after having one last match at the very least.

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Angle spent the better part of his career with TNA Wrestling, which he took due to the lighter schedule and ability to help a new company succeed as their top star. He arrived just as TNA was really headed for greener pastures. It worked out well for TNA as he helped to lead a great TNA squad for years. Sadly, the last few years have not been great for them, but he once led an organization that could have done damage to WWE if it had been properly promoted.

Kurt Angle has never really said a lot of bad about WWE even when he was part of TNA. The only time things ever came up was when a story progressed to it. That said, WWE rarely holds grudges. The only reason Angle has been brought back sooner may have to do with his drug history. However, if Triple H was willing to let Scott Hall teach the kids of WWE NXT and the fact that Vince let Hall come back before even when they knew his issues were not over, Angle is not a problem.

Kurt Angle went to rehab and solved his drug and alcohol issues years back, which was great to see. This should have been the only thing holding him back, but for some reason, WWE has yet to use him. If he does come back at the Royal Rumble as rumored, then great. If they do not bring him back at all, there is something more that WWE is holding against Angle that makes them unwilling to let him return.

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