New ‘God Of War’: PS4 Game Capable Of Full Play Through, Developers Say

God of War is on its way to PlayStation 4, and fans are eager to see Kratos in action.

While there have been many God of War installments in the series, the latest from Santa Monica Studio appears to be taking the game in a new direction. We’re not just beating the heads of ugly monsters in, and we’re doing more than engaging in contests of how bloody we can make the environment. It appears that Kratos is taking on the role of mentor and family man. With this in mind, many want to know just what’s in store for the skillful warrior.

According to Cinema Blend, director Cory Barlog has announced that the game is capable of a full playthrough. This is big news for all, as little to no word had been given up until this point in regards to the new God of War title. At most, fans were able to get a look at Kratos and his son while engaging in a hunt. The true potential of Kratos’s son is unclear, though he appears to possess a stamina and ability greater than your average mortal.

Barlog had this to say in response to a fan’s inquiry about God of War.

“We finished most of the shooting, but there are still some things to shoot.”

Alongside this, Barlog took the time to reassure fans that progress had been made on the new God of War installment. More specifically, they had finished more than what we might have thought.

“Ha. no…there is a whole game here,” Barlog began, responding to speculation that God of War was only as finished as its first trailer. “Just finished first full play through with the leads. Very exciting milestone for us!”

It’s certainly an achievement that many have been waiting to hear about. After all, the E3 trailer for God of War was huge. PlayStation Lifestyle reports that the E3 trailer is the most viewed on PlayStation’s YouTube. It had amassed over 14 million views at the time, and there’s no doubt that it’s racked up even more since then. The trailer is 10 minutes long, featuring both combat and story between Kratos and his son as they hunt and travel.

Could fans see a demo at some point? It seems likely. With the game capable of a full play through, it would be a smart idea for Santa Monica Studio to reveal more of the new God of War to fans old and new. The story takes place after the third game, urging those new to the series to dive into previous installments to get a full experience.

Unfortunately, director Barlog has confirmed that God of War will not be open world. This might not be a surprise, however, as the game has taken on a new form. Barlog had this to say in regards to the new mechanics and the overall appearance change to God of War.

“The main thing we’re doing is we’re reimagining the gameplay, kind of tearing it down, rebuilding it from scratch, and continuing the storyline,” Barlog stated. “We’re carrying the mythology we’ve created with God of War and bringing it into Norse mythology.”

New elements stick out through the trailer for God of War, namely the camera work and how the game progresses. Kratos gains knowledge points for tracking, leading fans to believe that we’ll be getting much out of exploration and different actions. Naturally, the warrior retains his knack for making quick work of enemies with weapon in hand.

You can look forward to seeing Kratos and son hit PlayStation 4 at a later time, though no release date has been confirmed.

[Featured Image by Santa Monica Studio]