Ellen’s Sofia Vergara Costume Mocks Star’s Wardrobe Malfunction [Video]

Ellen’s Sofia Vergara Halloween costume came complete with a Colombian accent, some exaggerated curves, and a wardrobe malfunction.

The talks how host put on the Modern Family star’s sexy green Emmy Dress at the start of her show this morning. Ellen tried to speak in a Colombian accent (it didn’t go well) and wore a body suit in an attempt to mimic Vergara’s famous curves. Ellen also made fun of Vergara’s Emmy wardrobe malfunction with a revealing rip in the back of her dress.

Ellen, in her best Colombian accent, said:

“Mucho [sic] gracias! I am easy breezy beautiful Cover Girl from Colombia! Happy Halloween. As you can see, I put my pumpkins out.”

Ellen then turned around and revealed the split in the back of the green dress. (If you don’t remember, Vergara tweeted out a “cheeky” picture of her wardrobe malfunction right before she was supposed to take the stage at the Emmys.)

Sofia then came out on stage, pretending to be upset with Ellen, and started mocking the talk show host’s American accent. It was funny but both Ellen and Sofia are pretty bad with their accents.

Here’s a video of Ellen’s Sofia Vergara costume.

What did you think of Ellen’s Sofia Vergara costume? Who wore that green dress better?