WWE New: Bob Holly Believes Women Can Now Carry A Wrestling Show

Former WWE star Bob Holly has one of the most infamous careers in WWE history. He came in with a bad gimmick, worked his way into a good role in the company, became known as one of the biggest bullies in the WWE, and then retired with enough money to live the lifestyle he chooses. As someone who made their reputation as a bully in the WWE, he has actually developed a newfound respect for the women of the WWE.

411mania reported that Bob Holly appeared on X-Pac’s podcast and talked about his long career in the WWE and about the current state of professional wrestling. He seems most impressed with the new role of women in the WWE, saying that he feels that they can actually carry the ball now in the WWE.

“Women’s wrestling has evolved so much. I honestly think they can carry a show. I really do. I think they can main event a pay-per-view now. It has evolved so much and the talent has become so incredible now.”

That has been evident by the rise of Charlotte, Sasha Banks, Becky Lynch, and more in the WWE. The women have main evented pay-per-views, Monday Night Raw episodes, wrestled in a Hell in a Cell, and have had Iron Man matches. In the days that Bob Holly wrestled, women competed in bra and panty matches, mud matches, and evening gown matches.

It is a completely different world in the WWE now. Another difference in wrestling is the way wrestlers treat each other. Bob Holly was known to legitimately beat up wrestlers in the ring that he felt were disrespectful, whether they deserved it or not. One of these wrestlers was Matt Cappotelli, who was training to be a WWE superstar.

Bob Holly beat him brutally in the ring, something that really tainted his entire career with many fans. According to Bob Holly, that is just what wrestling was all about when he was in the WWE.

“It’s not ballet what we do. It’s a rough business. I did the same thing with Randy Orton on a nightly basis, because that’s what they asked me to do. Randy, not one time, not one time complained about me being too rough with him. That’s just the way I wrestle a lot of times, because I don’t mind it back. If I’m going to do something to you, I’m fine with it back, and that’s the way it is in wrestling.”

Of course, a lot of those beatings also have something to do with the current CTE lawsuits against the WWE by dozens of former wrestlers who claim the WWE was not safe with them when they worked for the company. Bob Holly said he does not support that lawsuit at all. He said that he chose this career, as did all those other wrestlers, and he is responsible for his own well-being in the WWE.


Bob Holly also has no complaints about bad gimmicks. He said that it was his dream to wrestle in the WWE and he would never complain about getting the chance, even if it was portraying a race car driver. He ran with it, made it work for him, and eventually gained the respect to get a better role in the company.

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