Wolf Blitzer bombs on Celebrity Jeopardy

Move over, Sean Connery.

SNL will have a new Celebrity Jeopardy contestant to skewer forevermore. In addition to having a name that sounds like it came out of a sci-fi chatroom circa 1995, Blitzer embarrassed the hell out of CNN by coming in dead last and $4600 in the red for Final Jeopardy last night. Blitzer lost points for forgetting the correct name of Julia Child (he said “Childs”) and not understanding the “three e’s” category at all.

In the practice round, Blitzer really tanked on a seemingly simple question:

So the Final Jeopardy category was Literature. The answer was: This character said, “It’s Christmas Day! I haven’t missed it! The spirits have done it all in one night.” Blitzer didn’t even write down a response.

When it all wrapped up, Blizter and Dana Delaney lost to Jeopardy master Andy Richter. Richter bagged $68K for St. Jude’s, and Blitzer went home with a lifetime of internet mockage.

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