‘My Entire Childhood Is Underwater,’ Celebrities Share What They’ve Lost In The Storm

Hurricane Sandy has ravaged the homes all along the east coast while residents can only watch the aftermath of the storm, residents including Lady Gaga, who grew up in an area now potentially destroyed by the hurricane.

“im so sad. i feel like my entire childhood is underwater,” the superstar wrote on her website. “The boardwalk in atlantic city, my old Apts in Brooklyn and LES. all the bars and friends. im just so sad.”

Lady Gaga is not the only star in mourning. Lea Thompson, Back To The Future star, had “every reason to believe her home on Fire Island, N.Y., had been ravaged – and likely lost.” Reports indicate that the storm’s surge had destroyed homes and properties in the New York beach community on Monday.

Thompson, who currently stars on ABC Family’s Switched At Birth, appeared nonetheless cheerful at Monday’s taping of Dancing with the Stars. When asked why she seemed to still be her “usual, exuberant self,” she responded:

“Well, because it’s hilarious. My husband just paid off a 30-year mortgage in September. I thought this would be just perfect if the house is completely gone!”


While Thompson and her husband have fire insurance, the star confides, “You don’t really get that much.” Thompson added, “It’s sad. I’m mourning my little house on Fire Island.”

Lady Gaga’s blog post is equally sad:

“i know it will be ok. im not sure why i feel this way. maybe homesickness, or maybe its easier to be a gypsy if you know your soul grows from somewhere great. and that great place protected me my whole life, now parts are destroyed.”