Jennifer Lawrence Ducks Out After Awkward Sex Question To Make Annual Children’s Hospital Visit

Jennifer Lawrence has brought a great deal of press to her latest film, Passengers, particularly for the chemistry she has shared with co-star Chris Pratt throughout the filming and promotion of the science fiction thriller. Recent interviews, preceding the Christmas holiday, have brought the film’s love scenes into the public eye with many wanting to know how Lawrence dealt with scenes depicting sex with Chris Pratt’s Passengers character. Such questions can create an awkward interview moment, as proven by the odd way Jennifer answered the inquiries.

Following that most recent Passengers interview, Ms. Lawrence left questions of sex and movie magic behind to spend time with her favorite fans, the patients of Norton Children’s Hospital.

Passengers Star Jennifer Lawrence Shares The “Unsexy” Truth About Sex Scenes

Passengers, Jennifer Lawrence, Chris Pratt
'Passengers' stars Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt end an awkward interview. Image by Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images.

To most of us, sex scenes can be steamy and highly erotic pieces of cinematography, inspiring our own passion and helping to spice things up with our partners with new ideas, but, as Jennifer Lawrence explained to USA Today, filming those romantic trysts are far from erotic. In fact, the Passengers actress says filming love scenes are just about as far removed from romance and eroticism as one can get.

“Sex scenes are the most unsexy things in the world,” said Ms. Lawrence.

Though brief, that answer was far more forthcoming than Jennifer’s answers during a call in interview with which she and co-star Chris Pratt participated. The interview was with Australian radio show KIIS Summer Fling and host Sophie Monk didn’t shy away from personal questions. She notes that Passengers had Pratt and Lawrence making love on a kitchen table, before asking Chris and Jennifer for the most adventurous place they each have had sex in real life.

Pratt seemed amused by the question, entertaining with a bit of fantasy, though there’s no way to know whether or not there was truth to his answer.

“I hung from the ceiling by my feet, like a bat.”

Ms. Lawrence, on the other hand, seemed put off by the question. While usually frank and shocking with her honesty and dry sense of humor, this question seemed too personal for Jennifer.

“I don’t really have anything, I like being safe,” Lawrence said. “That’s what really turns me on, being safe.”

The Passengers interview ended there with both stars hanging up and a publicist informing Monk that the interview was over. Stunned by the abrupt end to the interview, co-host Matty Acton asked Ms. Monk what she had done to offend Pratt and Lawrence.

“I didn’t do anything,” Monk replied. “We ran out of time and I wasted good time on stupid questions, that’s what I did. I just wanted the good stuff. Who wants to know boring things?”

Jennifer Lawrence Makes Her Yearly Christmas Visit To Children’s Hospital

Jennifer Lawrence, Norton Children's Hospital
Jennifer Lawrence makes her annual visit to Norton Children's Hospital. Image by Melissa Xayavong Riddle/Facebook.

Every year, Jennifer Lawrence makes time to visit the young patients of Norton Children’s Hospital and this year was no different, as Courier Journal reports. Christmas isn’t the only time that the children are in Jennifer’s heart. This past February, Ms. Lawrence donated $2 million for the construction of the Jennifer Lawrence Foundation Cardiac Intensive Care Unit.

“My family and I have met so many wonderful children on our visits to the hospital. Their strength and courage is inspiring,” Lawrence said at the dedication of the new unit.

Although Lawrence makes the visit every holiday season, the exact date and time of each visit is kept a mystery from everyone, including hospital staff, until the last moment to avoid a media frenzy. Jennifer wants to focus her attention on the patients, which would become impossible with an onslaught of paparazzi and reporters.

Still, the visits don’t go undocumented. Lawrence is happy to let the hospital staff take pictures of her time with the children and Jennifer even poses with some of the staff.

One hospital employee, Melissa Xayavong Riddle, shared a group photo in which Jennifer Lawrence is surrounded by the staff. The caption on the image comments that Ms. Lawrence is as funny and down to earth as the rumors suggest.

“She is so sweet, funny, and flawless as all get out. Now if she can just see how awesome I am so we can be besties!” reads the caption in part.

[Featured Image by Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images]