Bella Thorne On Coming Out And Who She Wants To Date Next

Bella Thorne has been giving fans whiplash when it comes to her personal life. Just before the fall, the former Disney star called it quits with British actor Gregg Sulkin. Then, Bella was spotted kissing Tyler Posey back in September and now she was just spotted making out with singer Charlie Puth on a beach in Miami.

On top of that, Thorne, 19, has been seen kissing her friend Bella Pendergast on social media. The video, which she shared on Snapchat, made fans wonder if she was bisexual. Thorne responded with a solid “Yes” on Twitter. Fans also assumed that Thorne was dating her best friend at the time but it turned out that the two are just friends who like to kiss every so often.

bella thorne sexuality
The response to Bella Thorne’s sexuality has been mostly positive. [Image by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images]

In a new interview with Paper magazine, Bella revealed why she chose social media as her outlet to come out to her fans.

“I didn’t want to glamorize it. The reason why I did it is for other people’s benefits, [for those who] have the same insecurity that I had. And that’s why I’m doing it. When you do it in a certain way, you just glamorize it so much it’s not easy for kids to relate to. Like a kid could easily write on their Twitter to all their best friends that they’re bisexual and come out like that.”

While the media has been positive about Thorne’s sexuality, she admits that it hasn’t been easy for her when it comes to her acting career. She mentioned that she would get rejected by studio execs who thought she was too wild to be considered as a serious actress. Because of that, Thorne has been having trouble finding major projects.

Bella is currently single at the moment. Despite the photos of her kissing Charlie, 25, she revealed in a tweet that the two are not dating and that she and Tyler, 25, have broken up weeks ago, after a few months of dating. The singer and actress told Paper magazine who she’s looking for in her next mate. Thorne revealed that she wants to find someone who also doesn’t mind being in the spotlight and sharing their life on social media.

“They don’t realize that social media is such a big thing in my life. So when you’re in a relationship with someone who doesn’t understand social media, it’s a really big f***ing challenge … If you’re not willing to be down with that, I can’t change that about me.”

“You think I want paparazzi following my every move?” she continued. “You think I want people trashing me on the Internet all the time, talking s*** about me? No! But that is my life, and if you’re dating me, you need to know that you have to take that on in a sense, too.”

She also addressed her relationship with Posey. Thorne addressed the photos of the two kissing back in September, when their relationship was still new at the time. Thorne admits that she regrets letting the photos get out so soon.

“For instance, dating Tyler [Posey], when we first started dating, paparazzi got a photo of us kissing outside and it sucked that people got that photo because we really didn’t want it out at the time. We were obviously dating and hanging out, but it just wasn’t necessary to put that in front of everyone’s faces, you know? That one sucked.”

bella thorne gets flirity
Bella Thorne often gets flirty with her fans on social media. [Image by Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images for Babes For Boobs]

Bella currently has over 14 million Instagram followers. While she remains to stay open and honest on social media, she is launching her own website with the hopes of helping the youth learn more about the arts, adding that she started her own path after “barely going to school.” She’s also working on new music and is acting and hosting a series of projects, including her new series Famous In Love and the American adaptation of the Japanese film Midnight Sun.

[Featured Image by Christopher Polk/Getty Images for The Critics’ Choice Awards]